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Things You Need to Know Before Learning Violin
By Jared Gwin · 3 years ago
I have been longing to learn violin from my teenage years but didn’t have any clear idea about where and how to start. And there was no one to guide me about the basics of ...
7 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Play Ukulele
By Jared Gwin · 3 years ago
Are you new in string based instrument community? Are you already a master player of guitar or violin? It doesn’t matter in which group you’re in because Ukulele is everyone’s favorite. It’s great to start ...
5 Banjo Tips for Beginners That You Must Know
By Jared Gwin · 3 years ago
Our body starts dancing hearing the melodious sound of a banjo anywhere. It's a mighty instrument that cheers up our mind instantly. Many young learners make mistakes learning banjo because very few people can suggest ...