7 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Play Ukulele

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  • Author Jared Gwin
  • Published May 22, 2018
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Are you new in string based instrument community? Are you already a master player of guitar or violin?

It doesn’t matter in which group you’re in because Ukulele is everyone’s favorite. It’s great to start learning and it’s also amazing for pros to play it.

Let’s see the 7 undeniable reasons to play Ukulele.

  1. One of the best instrument to begin with

Learning guitar is easier than a violin. But Ukulele is easier than any of those. Because the nylon strings are not so hard to press down. Holding the cords is painless, unlike a guitar.

One can learn to play simple chords in Ukulele within days. Even your child can start playing it because its small in size and lightweight.

  1. Very easy to learn with 4 strings

You can compare chord for guitar and Ukulele if you don’t believe. On guitar, you’ve to press three different strings to play C major where you’ve to press only one on Ukulele.

With simplified chords, you’ll find memorizing chords and notes is no big deal. Being a musician made easy with Ukulele.

  1. Any song can be played

Don’t think that fewer strings mean fewer songs can be played with it. You can play any song with a Ukulele. It’s just the chords are simplified.

  1. Great for songwriting

One day, you’re sitting in a park, humming a melody for your song and you have your Ukulele with yourself. You can instantly pick up that tone in your Ukulele in no time as the notes are way simpler than guitar.

So, it’s very popular among musicians to make drafts with Ukulele. Moreover, it’s so much fun just randomly playing with Ukulele.

  1. Even great quality Ukuleles are


You might be thinking that it has so many advantages, so the price must be high. No, you’re wrong. Even high-quality Ukuleles are affordable where good quality guitars cost so much.

A guitar with decent quality will cost you more than $400 but a very good quality Ukulele will cost you less than $300.

  1. Be cool anywhere as its easily portable

Being very small in size, Ukulele offers great portability. Other instruments need an extra bag or special case to carry. But you can carry a soprano Ukulele in your backpack easily.

If you see the right moment, don’t wait up. No matter where you are the Ukulele will fit right into the situation.

  1. Increase self-confidence & fight depression

Many of us lack self-confidence and get depressed easily. It may happen because of our introvert nature or appearance. But you’ll be the most endured person in the room with a Ukulele in your hand.

Showing off is not our primary concern. The main advantage is that you’ll feel good from inside playing wonderful tunes. It’s very joyful and it takes seconds to cheer a gloomy mind.

With all your stress relieved and gaining self-confidence, depression won’t show up again in your life.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you’re with your friends sitting around a campfire and enjoying wonderful moments. Ukulele can make those wonderful moments magical. And who doesn’t love the guy that can create magical moments?

Learn to play Ukulele, carry it to public gatherings, and change the vibe of the moment instantly. So, don’t wait anymore. Start learning today.

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