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How Often Should I Change My Toothbrush
By Wayne Beavers · 2 years ago
To keep your teeth and gums healthy, following appropriate dental care is essential. You know this includes brushing your teeth twice a day, especially brushing your teeth before going to bed and flossing daily. Caring ...
Why Teeth Whitening Hurts Teeth
By Wayne Beavers · 2 years ago
Coffee, Soda, and sugary drinks can stain your teeth and begin to fade the white smile that you once had. Naturally, this might lead you to begin to look into teeth whitening options. Over-the-counter teeth ...
5 Benefits of Smiling
By Wayne Beavers · 2 years ago
We smile when taking a picture, when we see a good friend, or when a cute cat video comes up in our social media feed, but we should smile much more than that. In fact, ...