Why Teeth Whitening Hurts Teeth

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  • Published July 14, 2019
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Coffee, Soda, and sugary drinks can stain your teeth and begin to fade the white smile that you once had. Naturally, this might lead you to begin to look into teeth whitening options. Over-the-counter teeth whitening gels and strips haven't been showing the results you wanted, so there is one person that you turn to, your dentist.

Teeth Sensitivity With Whitening --

Dentist offices typically can offer a stronger teeth whitening option for faster and stronger results toward getting white teeth. However, because this teeth whitening technique is stronger than over-the-counter options, you might be exposed to sensitivity and pain after use.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work? --

Bleaching your teeth used a peroxide-based gel to remove years of stains on your teeth. This can brighten your smile by multiple shades as layers of stains are removed.

The whitening gel typically should stay on your teeth for 45 to 90 minutes to ensure that the gel is able to bleach all parts of your teeth. Often times this procedure will be done at your dentist office, but can also be done at home if provided by the dentist.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth After Whitening Strips and Treatment? --

Even though teeth whitening has evolved significantly over the past few years, sensitivity is still experienced by teeth whitening users.

As the peroxide from the whitening gel penetrates the enamel of your teeth, sensitivity will most likely sink in. With the introduction of the UV light while having the whitening gel applied, studies have shown that an increase of pain is often experienced by patients.

How To Prevent Pain After Teeth Whitening --

If you are someone who experiences sensitivity while teeth whitening, here are a few tips for lessening the pain 48 hours after getting your teeth whitened:

  • Avoid hot or cold beverages

  • Using a toothbrush that is soft-bristled

  • Use over-the-counter pain relief if approved by your dentist

  • Use toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth

Improved Options for Pain-Free Teeth Whitening --

Ask your dentist for custom fitted trays that require no UV light. At Beavers Dentistry in Cary, we create a custom fitted tray to fit right over your teeth. This ensures that each part of your teeth received the whitening treatment. We also will send you home with the whitening gel so that you can complete the teeth whitening process from the convenience of your own home.

Teeth whitening can be done in a variety of ways, so the best option to prevent pain and sensitivity is to identify which whitening option is best for you. Consult with your dentist to find out teeth whitening options at your local office!

Wayne Beavers is a dentist at Beavers Dentistry in Cary, NC. He provides family dentistry services at his practice.


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