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Al Pacino's Top 10 movie roles
By Thomas J. Brown · 3 years ago
I’ve known my friend Conor O’Sullivan since college. Back then, I was a wide receiver, and he was an offensive tackle. We were just two kids from very different backgrounds who had dreams of playing ...
Matthew McConaughey’s Greatest Performance: The Lincoln Lawyer
By Thomas J. Brown · 3 years ago
Matthew McConaughey is without question one of the greatest actors of the modern era. It seems that no matter the role, he finds a way to give his character gravity, drawing the audience deeper into ...
Denzel Washington's Top 10 movie roles of All Time
By Thomas J. Brown · 3 years ago
I’ve told several of my friends that under no circumstances are they to discuss the movie The Little Things with me. That’s because I’m a huge Denzel Washington fan and I am yet to view ...