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Protect the Plumbing Pipes in your Home from Freezing During Winter Months
By Dr. Anthony T. Craft · 1 year ago
With all the stressful occurrences going on around us every day, we as a family, homeowners, couples in matrimony, housemates, and so many other circumstances in the home. We don’t waste any time taking vacations ...
Drones For Me
By Dr. Anthony T. Craft · 1 year ago
Guess What? It has been proven emphatically that Drones are being used more and more by hobbyists and professionals every day. The use of Drones is not limited to military use, because you can also ...
How to Conquer Anger
By Dr. Anthony T. Craft · 2 years ago
To conquer means to overcome or take control of a problem or weakness. This is exactly what is needed to overcome issues with the anger that you or someone you know is experiencing. Uncontrolled anger ...