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Diversity and Inclusion Employee Survey
By Dima Ghawi · 11 months ago
Interested in increasing diversity and inclusion within your organization, but unsure where to start? A great beginning point is an organization-wide survey in order to gain feedback. By gathering and analyzing this information, your team ...
Why Your Company Needs Employee Resource Groups
By Dima Ghawi · 11 months ago
Many organizations are beginning to address their Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI) policies. From funding professional development programs for minority staff to ensuring equality in the hiring and promotional process. A great way to implement ...
How to Lead an Employee Resource Group
By Dima Ghawi · 11 months ago
Being the leader of an Employee Resource Group (ERG) can be immensely fulfilling, somewhat daunting, and everywhere in between. Between balancing your regular work schedule and taking on tasks for your ERG, you may be ...