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  • Published October 24, 2007
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When you think of a taser, most likely you will associate it with the police, but ordinary people can carry them also. Tasers are not considered a firearm, so are considered legal for civilian use. There are some states, cities, and countries that do ban them, so make sure they are legal where you live before making your purchase.

So what exactly does a taser do you might wonder. A taser is a hand-held weapon that delivers a jolt of electricity up to 50,000 volts up to 15 feet away. This allows you to keep a safe distance away from your attacker. The taser stuns the attacker which causes an uncontrollable contraction in the muscle tissue. The attacker becomes immobilized and falls to the ground.

When searching for a taser, do your research because there is many to choose from. Many women and even men prefer the C2 Taser. It offers an effective rate of almost 100%, so you can carry this in confidence that in case of an attack, you are prepared with a reliable defense. The C2 Taser shoots out two darts that are connected to 15 feet of wire, which carry 50,000 volts of electricity that can take down just about anyone no matter what size they are.

The C2 Taser can fend off an attacker from 15 feet of distance. If the attacker is in a close range, the C2 Taser will act as a contact stun. Some weapons require you to use on certain parts of the body, but the C2 Taser allows you to use on any part of the body, so when in a stressful situation you do not have to concentrate on an certain body part, you can more effectively fend for yourself by the C2 Taser working on any part of the attacker’s body. With an amazing rate of effectiveness, tasers are one of the most non-lethal self-defense weapons that you can own, which will stop the attacker as soon as the taser is used, even if the attacker has been using drugs or alcohol.

To promote responsible ownership and prevent misuse, the TASER C2 will

function only after the owner completes a background check. TASER C2 cartridges come with Anti-Felon ID tag and have a unique serial number and are equipped with Anti-Felon Identification tags to allow law enforcement to track potential misuse.

AFID tags are dispersed upon discharge.

Before purchasing a taser, educate yourself. If you are in the situation of an attack, will you actually use it? Some people might be scared to use it because they do not have the confidence of using it correctly. Using a taser can be a matter of you getting injured or defending yourself until the police arrive. Read up on the product and be aware of how to handle the weapon and how to work it. Tasers are portable and convenient and most importantly a life-saver. Make this investment by purchasing one and know that whenever in trouble, it is available to protect you.

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