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When you visualize a logo, do you simply see a picture that you associate with a company or corporation? Is it just a symbol that tells you to buy something because you believe that company produces a high quality product? Or, is there something else in there? Corporations spend huge amounts of money coming up with these great logo designs but it’s not just because they want you to see a picture. They also want you to know what they stand for….what their philosophy is and where they stand. Do you see all this in a logo? Maybe not, but they design them so that, even if you’re not aware of it, you’re thinking something good about a logo and its associated company. This article will examine some of the thought behind logos and company emblems.

When you think about a "chain" what comes to mind? What does a chain symbolize to you? To most people, it is a symbol for linking or strength in common linking. It could mean that a company uses many variations of methods to attach itself to the final product. What about a globe? Do you think about the Earth and could this symbol mean that the company has worldwide connections or has global reach? A snake may be associated with evil in many cases but what about the serpent around the staff in the symbol for "medicine?" It holds a whole other meaning, doesn’t it? This is another form of power for logos. So, what’s in a logo? It could be little and again, it could be a whole lot more.

What comes to mind, other than the company, when you see the logo of the famous Clydesdale horses pulling the red Budweiser wagon? Can you think of what the company wants to get across to you? Let’s think of what symbolism is involved in this one logo. Tremendous strength and staying power may be symbolized by the team of eight horses. The wagon, which is red, could signify security or dependability as its hauling the sacred brew and protecting it from outside elements while it is being taken to an unknown location. But the horses never stop and they are all so regal. Could this mean that they are proud of who they are? You see, a logo is not just a picture. Budweiser has been using this logo for a very long time and it obviously has sold a lot of beer for the company. Think again about the Budweiser label on a can of Budweiser beer. Is there any other label like it? Would you know what beer someone was drinking from across the street if you got even a mere glimpse of the label? You bet and you may even associate it with a quality taste, depending on your own likes and dislikes of beer.

When you’re driving down the road and you see a car with a symbol on the front grill that is a "T" inside of a circle, what car company do you think of? Did you say, "Toyota?" You should have. Did you think high quality? You should have because it is one of the very best built cars in the entire world and the symbol for Toyota motors usually symbolizes strength, stability and world distribution. All that in a T inside a circle? Yes, if you think about what it really means and not just glance at the symbol. All logos have some meaning. Even the simplest ones.

When you see the word "Callaway," what do you think of? Beer? Cars? Hats? Clothing? No, you think of golf if you have been watching TV anytime within the last 20 years. The very uncomplicated name of the founder of one of the most sought after golf clubs in the world brings about an association with quality, performance and superior technology. Why? Because the company sells nothing but superior products and always has, so it has become synonymous with that association.

Before anyone prepares to design a logo, they should think of what they want their official emblem to signify to the world. What are you saying in picture form? Are you making a foolish statement that you cannot stand behind or are you telling the world how you think and build your product? It’s a fool’s game to play around with logo designing unless you understand what you’re really trying to tell the world.

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Some items that they explore may be relationships within the company, visions of the leaders, specific drivers of the leadership, specific ways that the company communicates, builds future leaders, projects its image and many other things. These are important bits of data that give the branding company reference as to what type of image best suits the company in question.

Once the intelligence is gathered, the logo designer must match the company with what the company wants to convey to its constituents and customers. This may take many months as the process is re-evaluated many times and tested in the real business world.

Great global brands and logos are not something that occur overnight. It takes a great deal of thought and work to put together an effective and highly recognized emblem that will last for decades into the future. Every company wants to be associated with high quality products and a magnificently designed logo will help with that relationship.

Do not be fooled into thinking that just any branding logo will work for any company. A lot of thought and skill go into the process of design and production. Colors, shapes, objects…all go into the development and thought prior to a finished product that will eventually bring recognition and association to a deserving company that, hopefully, will benefit mankind in some way.

If your company is pondering a logo for corporate branding, be sure that you are prepared with a large accumulation of intelligent information so that the logo designers can bring the company to the forefront in the best possible way and, in the process, make you a millionaire over and over.

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