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  • Published May 17, 2010
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There is a lot of free information about writing on the internet. You can obtain some of the free information by just using a search engine and signing up for a free course, these are offered by many of the article sites.

But, it seems that most of the e-books and free instructions I receive in my e-mail are NOT FOR NEWBIES (even though a lot of them say they are). Many of them are hard to understand and it takes longer to read and understand them than it does to do the necessary work.

This has been written to make the real NEWBIES internet writing start easier!

In this report you will find "my" shortcut information and notes.

First things first! What are your goals? Do you want to write books, write short stories, or write articles? Decisions, Decisions!

Most people go through a period of trying to decide what to write. You may want to review products and write articles to promote those articles

  1. Become an affiliate for various programs, review products and to write articles about other peoples products and submit them to article site. When someone buys the product from your article, you make money.

  2. This is the fastest and cheapest way to internet income.

  3. It can be started without spending a dime, other than your computer and an internet connection. Should you choose article writing you will need a little help getting started. Like finding the easiest ways to do the research and submit your articles to article sites.

  • The following is the simplest way that I know of to get started:
  1. Go to PerfectGiftOnLine (free download section) click on the link for the free download of easynoter to keep record of your affiliate and all other info you may need later. This is the small version, later you may want to but the full version. But, the easynoter lite works just a good. Just a few more features in the Pro Version.

  2. Next you will need to do is get a Paypal account (there is no charge for this). Go to

  3. Then you will need to sign up for affiliate programs; such as Clickbank, CommissionJunction, PayDotCom, and RegNow. And any others you would like to use (they are all free). My favorite for affiliate programs is Clickbank.

  • Then the fun begins, start your research for programs to promote through an online search. There are many out there. Each of the affiliate programs offers their own product search ability.

  • You can use Clickbank for this, or any of the affiliate connections you have signed up for.

Notes: For my research I choose to use Clickbank. I can see which programs offer the best conversion by affiliates, the commission percentage rates, and referred by affiliates information.

  • The higher the conversion rate is the more you will sell.

  • The higher the commission percentage the more you make.

  • The higher referred by affiliate percentage means that is how many of their sold products were referred by affiliates.

  • offers a URL shortening service. That simply means it will make your long URL short and will also mask your affiliate links. Masking your links in important so that your sales cannot be stolen by a dishonest affiliate.

  • If you choose to, you can add a tracking link to each link you use. Tracking links will let you know which of your ads (or articles) are making you money.

  • When using Clickbank first choose the sort options:

  1. Conversions

  2. Referred by affiliates

  • Next click on the link for each of the sites you are thinking about promoting.
  1. Very carefully look at each of the sites that you are considering. That way you can decide to promote the sites products (or not).

  2. One of the deciding factors for me is if they offer a trial. If they do, I can use the product for a while and make a wise decision as to how well they work.

Key: Make sure you believe in what you are promoting. After doing all the research and approving the program, I sign up as an affiliate for the programs I want to promote. Then I begin an article for the product using a professional version of an article writing software program.

  1. One that allows you to search content for numerous similar products.

  2. You then pick the sentences you would like to use and rewrite them in your own words.

  3. You copy and paste. Then you change each and every sentence using your own words.

Once I think the article is pretty good, I start the submission process.

  1. You can do a search for submission sites and submit manually or you use a submission processor.

a. There are free automatic submission products also. Many article submission sites are already pre-programmed in the submission software.

  1. You will need to take the time to sign up for each of the article directories that you wish to use and confirm your e-mail address.

  2. This step will need to be done if you submit manually or with any of the submission software. If they don't know who you are you can't submit to them. As soon as you sign up at the submission site, put the information in your submission software.

  • Also put it in your EasyNoter in case you have a problem with your computer. Your easynoter can be backed up daily so the info is always there.

  • The submission software will automatically fill the blanks in for you each time you start to submit to that site.

  • Then; it becomes automatic submission.

a. Just plug in the article, fill in the name blank, what category, and ZAP, your article goes out to many article directories.

b. People see it, read it, and buy from you, MONEY!

Notes II: Before learning the above shortcuts, I spent hours and hours studying and researching before writing just one article or otherwise supporting the said product. It did not have to be that hard.

A well-written article can get more visitors to buy products or services you support, thereby increasing your profits.

If your article is placed on the front page of an article-publishing website, your product or website will get maximum hits. As you probably know by now, In order for products to be sold, it is necessary for trained & skilled individuals to research and write articles about the products.

YOU can write those articles!

Have you tried and failed, gave up and quit? Started over another day as I did?

Or, are you still pounding away on your computer? Then after reading the article you wrote, rewriting the article repeatedly before you consider it perfect.

'Golly, were we ever doing it the hard way'.

There are products that will help you write your article effectively by allowing you to search content for numerous similar products.

You then have the option of sending the results, one paragraph at a time, to another program to write you article from proven content.

Then all you have to do is pick the sentences you would like to use and rewrite them in your own words.

When submitting to more than one article site, submission will take the longest, therefore it is wise to use a submission product. Fill in the blanks once and start submitting.

Using product like this you will discover the power of having your article and content indexed by search engines when it is published article submitter sites. These article generation tools are used by article writers, website designers, publishing houses, Etc...

Spend countless hours researching, 'What works & what does not'. Reading Required & Free 'Geek Free E-Book' by Jonathan Leger

She says, 'One thing I've learned is that there is no magic button, you have to work'.. Website Marketing and Design is a passion. Learning as I go.. The best article writing software here: article writing software

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