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In a perfect situation, you want to keep as much of your natural running ways as possible when you are behind the stroller. This means keeping your posture erect, do not lean on the stroller, that can result in an aching back and neck. Always try to push the stroller with one hand on the handlebars and the other swinging with your elbow at a 90-degree angle. Using both hands to push leads to poor posture. This position will add upper body weight training to your routine and will build added strength.

Keep the tires properly filled. This will make pushing easier and will keep the stroller in proper alignment, not pulling to one side. When you turn the corner, push down on the handlebars. It will lift the front wheel then you turn the stroller.

When you are a beginner to running with a jogging stroller, go slow. This will cause you to lower the intensity level and run the full duration of your normal workout. If you jog at a higher speed at first, you could find that your energy gone sooner than you want it to be.

What do I need to do to get my little one use to the jogging stroller? The younger your child when they begin the runs with you, the better it will be. Babies will enjoy your shared runs as expect it as a normal part of the daily routine. When they get older, they will look forward to their run with mom or dad. Do not forget to pack a diaper and a bottle (when they are small). If you are prepared, your daily runs will be a lot nicer!

When your child is a toddler at the time you first start to run with a stroller, make the jogging stroller a happy place for them. This can be done by bringing a favorite toy, a book, or even a snack. Make them feel that they are important – and that they get to go with mommy when she runs. You are not "dragging" them, you are being a role model for your child, and teaching them daily exercise is important.

You could run with another person and his or her stroller. Sometimes having another child to look at or talk to can increase your child’s pleasure in the ride. In addition, improve their social skills. Remember that there could be "bad stroller days!" Don't get discouraged if the child does not take to the jogging stroller automatically. Some days your child may be fussy or not feeling well and you will need to cut your run short. Make sure your child is wearing the proper clothes. Be consistent and you will make it work. The freedom you will have is worth going through any initial bad runs.

Have fun as you run with your little one!

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