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  • Published August 8, 2010
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Bar owners incorporate multipurpose bar point of sales solutions to control the operational cost without compromising with service standards, restaurant. These solutions cut down the monitoring and management cost. Point of sales solutions make the whole business operation optimized, convenient and reliable. Numerous vendors offer restaurant bar point of sales solutions but Sum Guys Inc. offers a really different POSqx (Point of Sale). It is the best solution for standards restaurant bar owners who are planning to improve management of their bar restaurants. New bar point of sale solution is one of the cost effective business operation tools. Bar owners use it to impress the customers and to get the repeated business.

Business bar point of sale application facilitates to control single or chain of restaurants from anywhere. It is a single unit in itself. It does not need extra dedicated computer or server. Its function does not depend upon internet connectivity. You can completely rely upon it. good bar point of sale for bar restaurant can attend any no. of customers at a time. It accepts the payments by various modes like cash, credit cards or gift cards. All transactions details are hacker-proof. Customers’ card details remain secured.

New version bar point of sale POS is very user friendly. The new users do not need any specific skill. New users may have training free of cost at their working place. Disaster recovery feature makes latest bar point of sale service a reliable and acceptable cheap bar point of sale price.

Bar point of sale company provides the detailed reports of every employee. It helps the users to optimize and reschedule the duty hours of employees according to rush hours. It operates the cash drawer automatically when you get the cash from the customer and make the entry. Nobody can get unauthorized access to cash drawer. POSqx generates item wise detailed sales report like a business analytical tool. This report helps to optimize purchase of raw materials. It becomes a child’s play to maintaining up to date record of most ordered items. Many bar restaurant owners suffer loss because of multiple entries made intentionally or by mistake. Ordering bar point of sale system eliminates such possibilities. Bar point of sale provider provides stock position upto the minute. It allows fixing the priorities of preparation. You can have a quick glance over the already placed orders to the vendors with POSqx. Sending reminders is just a click away. Your customers too feel the difference in the services after incorporation of POSqx.

Even the reputed bar restaurants are experiencing tough competitions as the consumers have become more demanding and expect better services. On the others side, to control the ever increasing operational cost is a big challenge for the owners. Competition doesn’t allow the increment in prices. So, Restaurant Bar owners are incorporating POSqx (Point of Sale) in their operation model. To know ‘how much beneficial POSqx can be for you’ go through this write up.

The cost you pay for buying POSqx comes back into your pocket. It pays back years after years in various ways. Having best bar point of sale for order is not just an upgrading exercise; it is a necessity.

Website: http://www.posqx.com


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