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  • Published September 6, 2010
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There several excellent commercial coffee grinders on the market today. If your establishment needs a coffee grinder that will really make a statement, one that will stand out and look fantastic, you can choose from the following models:

Fiorenzato Doge

Made in Italy, the Fiorenzato Doge espresso conical grinder has been said to be the best of its type on the market at the moment. It has a sleek design with a body made from enamel which has been painted in steel. The hopper is on the top in a conical shaped dispenser which is see through but slightly browned in color and the doser sits neatly in front and this has a stylish silver top and bottom with a see through section in the middle. The thin design means that it would sit easily on a work surface without taking up too much space. It is easy to clean with a removable burr plate to allow this job to be quick and painless. The burr itself is 63mm and runs at 1400 RPM. The machine has a built in plastic tamper and there is even a doser counter so the amount of doses used can be recorded easily.

Elektra Semi-Automatic

Electra Semi-Automatic is stylish in design and comes in a fantastic range of metallic colors including pearl silver, brass, green mosaic, chrome and copper and brass. It has a slim stylish body which is colored and a brown toned see through hopper and doser so it is easy to see what is going on inside the machine. It is also reasonably priced, much cheaper than some of the other commercial products available. It is most suitable for espresso machines as the grind size is the best for that type of machine and this may be why it is cheaper as other brands have a variety of grind sizes. It is ideal for a company who just need coffee for espresso machines. Elektra Semi-Automatic can squeeze in to a small space, although it is likely that it will want to be on display as it is such an attractive design of machine.

Rancilio MD-40

The square design of the Rancillo MD-40 Semi-Automatic commercial espresso coffee grinder is unusual but practical. The machine consists of a stainless steel body with see through bean hopper and doser on the front with in built tamper. The see through sections are tinted in order to protect the coffee from any sunlight. Rancilio MD-40 has a powerful motor that operates at a low speed to prevent the machine from overheating and changing the flavor of the coffee. The machine can produce up to 7.7 pounds of ground coffee in an hour, although that may vary depending on how hard the beans are. The doser is adjustable so that the amount of coffee dispensed can vary from 5 to 9 grams. There is a steel fork on the front of the machine that is used to hold the filter handle while the dosing process is taking place.

Faema MD 3000

The Faema MD 3000 coffee grinder is designed to cope with a big use rate and so is ideal for a setting where speed is important. It can produce up to 24.3lbs of ground coffee per hour and the hopper holds up to 3.5lbs of beans. It has a die-cast aluminum body and some black plastic parts as well as the see-through hopper and doser. This makes it look rather elegant and it is likely to blend in with any other machines. It is also a good size, being just 8.7 inches wide, 15.7 inches deep and 24.4 inches tall. The high speed makes it suitable for a commercial setting and the automatic grinder with 3 inch, flat grinding burrs make it a good quality machine producing a great grind.

Laranzato HC-600A

Laranzato HC-600A coffee grinder has an attractive black body with a see through conical hopper which has a black lid and looks especially good when filled with the dark coffee beans. The doser is see through in parts so you can see what is going on inside, with shiny metal top and bottom and even the buttons have been well designed to fit in with the attractive model. The main body is actually made from cast aluminum making it very heavy duty and so suitable for a high use environment, but is not too big and so will easily fit even when space is at a premium. The grinding is automatic and uses 64mm stainless steel burrs. To get an accurate coarseness of grind there is a micro adjust table so it should be easy to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

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