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  • Author Satrap Darabi
  • Published September 17, 2010
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Blog and blogging has become very popular in the past few years, and rightly so. Blogging is much more fun compare to running a websites. Blogging gives you much more options than running a websites, specially when it comes to connecting with your visitors(readers). But, have you ever wondered why you and many thousands of others people blog? Well, here are 4 big reasons for why we blog.


I would say self expression is the biggest reason why people blog. A blog is a great way for sharing your story and life with your friend and family. It makes it easy to express your views and opinion about whatever that is important to you.

Helping others

If you look around, you can find hundreds of blogs that were created by professional in many different sectors, for the sole purpose of helping others and provide information for other to use.

Selling Products

One of the great things about blog is that if you have a product or service to sale, you can advertise it to the whole world, literally minuets after starting your blog. There are also many people who use blogs for making money affiliate marketing. It’s as easy as writing a review post or what have you and putting up some links to send the interested visitors to the merchant’s website.

Money Making Online

I am sure you would agree that making money is one of the biggest reasons why we blog. Blogging makes making money online easy for almost anybody. And there are a quite few ways to make money blogging. Of course, one of the easiest ways for making money with your blog is using ad sense. Of course, not everybody can make a full time income blogging, but its a good way for most to make a few extra dollars online in their spare time while having some fun.

I am sure, there are many more reasons why people blog, but when it comes down to it, I would say, most of them fall into one of these 4 categories. But, no matter what, blogging has been a great tool for many people, and I am sure blogs will continue to serve our reasons for years to come.

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