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  • Author Edwards Clarke
  • Published September 20, 2010
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You have decided right here, right now that a blogger is what you are. But you haven't quite given a thought yet as to what topic you are going to write about. There are way too many things to tackle and yet, you want to start your blog right.

You know all too well that there many bloggers existing and you want to create a difference from them - you just want to stand out. Since blogging is one of the most popular ways of writing on the internet, you want to have a piece of that fame too. You want to express yourself to the finest - you want your blog to reflect your idealism, your passion and your love for life.

So you begin to shape shift yourself into a great think tank and the following are the ideas that came to mind:

  1. The First Time I Fell In Love

  2. My Field of Dreams

  3. The Law of Synchronicity: Nothing ever happens by chance

  4. The Best Book I Have Ever Read and Why

  5. The Movie that Changed my Life

  6. What Do Men And Women Want

  7. If I Had Super Powers......

  8. The God that I Know

  9. Why I Fell In Love with a Fatty

  10. The Song I Couldn't Live Without

  11. Why People Love Celebrities?

  12. Dear Diary: A Story of A Simple Girl who Fell In Love with a Famous Man

  13. The Food that Brings out the Foodie in Me

  14. Source of Happiness

  15. Witchcraft: Real or Imaginary

Content and Visibility-wise, a great blogger has to make use of the mental and the creative side of writing. It is only important that in writing a blog, not only will it create curiosity, encourage demand for such a topic but at the same time, it is something that readers can relate to. It is challenging to keep thinking of what topic to write about each and every single day. However, if recording your stray thoughts or by simply keeping your eye open can give you that source of inspiration for you to continue with your blogging, then by all means, do what is necessary.

There are way too many things to write and discover - that's the essence and the legacy that only blogging can bring. So, open up your heart, open up your mind - and the rest of the world will open up to you., Starting a blog doesn't have to be a difficult task. We can handle your WordPress set up for you for free so you can concentrate on providing good quality content for your readers. If you want to learn how to start a blog then be sure to grab our newsletter which will walk you through your blog set up step by step.

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