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  • Published September 25, 2010
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Pizzas were present since the times of the ancient Greeks. In those times, the pizzas were layered with oil, cheese and herbs. Since the olden times pizza has seen a sea change of ingredients, layering, and toppings. For example the Italian pizza consisted of baked bread and tomato, later on addition of cheese became a prominent choice of layering. Also the pizza Margaretta named after an Italian queen had tomato, cheese and a herb by name basil. Pizzas come in all types. Vegetarian and non vegetarian, to satiate any kind of taste buds. Every country has a style of its own when it comes to preparation of pizzas. For example Australia adds bacon and eggs to the original Italian style pizza. Brazil has made pizza a dessert with addition of chocolate, bananas and pineapples as toppings. Israel has added a wide variety of vegetables to be used for toppings. Mushrooms and onions are most widely used for toppings, not to forget some strange toppings like the strained yogurt, certain spices of the region are also used.

The United States has wide variety of pizzas available,which bear little resemblance to the original Italian pizzas. Since the Greek influence on the united states is prominent, the Roman Style thin crusted pizzas are a common sight in New York and Chicago. These cities have experimented on the thin crusted pizzas and developed new varieties which have become a popular choice in recent times.

Today one can find various pizza outlets, like the Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa Johns Pizza, American Pizza to name a few. Each pizza outlet has many varieties to offer. With the facility to order for pizzas on line, it's even more convenient to have it delivered instead of going to the eatery.

Nowadays, ready to bake pizzas and the frozen pizzas are available as well and pizzas have become all time favorite at home as well. Pizza is considered to have high content of fat and calories, not to forget high amounts of sodium. All these considered, it does not make a good choice for health conscious people.

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