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  • Published October 25, 2010
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Dove is a chocolate that is made by the Mars company. They make both dark, as well as milk chocolate products. But, that is not the only types of confections that they make. They also market other products that include caramel, fruit and nut, and even ice cream bars. These ice cream bars were primarily only in the Chicago area until nineteen eighty five and then they became a national distributed item.

The company started in nineteen fifty six in Chicago with Leo Stefanos. He was any owner of a candy store that also sold ice cream and one day he saw his son run down the street toward the ice cream truck and thought is was very dangerous for his child to do that. He also wanted to have a place where children could get ice cream bars away from the dangers of the street. Therefore, he took his best ice cream blocks and cut them into little squares. He then dipped them into melted chocolate and would let them refreeze. These became an instant hit and people would come from miles around to enjoy his tasty, sweet concoction.

Mike, Leo's son, took over the company business after his father's passing and was intrigued by the amount of people directly in the Chicago area that knew of his father's creation and began to wonder if the folks of the rest of the country would feel the same way. The treat had become a Chicago favorite for many years and Mike decided to present it at the Fancy Food Show that was being held in Washington DC in nineteen eighty four. Suddenly, orders began to literally pour into the company from places around the United States. This set the company on the road to national attention and the Dovebar became a household name.

The company was sold to the Mars company in nineteen eighty five and they added it to their stable of the M&M'S and the Snicker's brands with tremendous success. Although the original chocolate bar was made with milk chocolate, they have since incorporated a dark chocolate type of this ice cream bar too. They also make both milk as well as dark chocolate candy bars also and these are also some of their top sellers. The company now has sales that are in the billions each and every year and it is probably attributed to the attention and care that they put into each product.

They now have two variations of the Dove dark chocolate candy bar and one has the standard dark chocolate incorporated into it while one is made with sixty three percent dark chocolate. It will certainly fill the craving. Find out more tips about Dove dark chocolate at

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