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  • Author Jim Watson
  • Published November 7, 2010
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By Jim Watson

If you're looking for a fun-filled vacation in Pigeon Forge with a little education thrown in, plan to spend a day or two touring history at the many museums in the area. You'll find entertainment for everyone, whether your group prefers the truly old or something a bit more modern. Kids and grownups alike will love seeing life-sized dinosaurs, uncovering buried treasure, and reliving the only voyage of the long-lost Titanic.

Prehistoric Fun with Fossils

Every kid loves dinosaurs, and why not? They're big and green and scary, and there's nothing left of them but bones. There are no bones at Pigeon Forge's Dinosaur Walk Museum, though, just life-sized sculptures designed to show you exactly what sharing the planet with these giants might have been like. You can count the teeth on a Tyrannosaur and discover the reason the Stegosaurus had so many spikes on his tail. The learning center even provides the littlest visitors a chance to be an archeologist and discover buried fossils.

State-of-the-art animatronics bring the past to life at the Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride. Float along a prehistoric river and watch these amazing creations as they eat, hunt, and raise their young. You'll see the world as it was millions of years before man, and even hear the cries of the dinosaurs in this life-like recreation that will leave you feeling as if you've truly traveled back in time.

If real fossils are more your style, spend an exciting afternoon at Pigeon Forge Gem Mine, where you'll "mine" for fossils and gems, discover ancient rocks that tell the story of the world, and even watch as your finds are transformed into beautiful jewelry before your eyes. Hidden treasures like garnets and emeralds wait to be uncovered, and even the fossilized remains of long-extinct creatures lie buried in the sands at Pigeon Forge Gem Mine. You never know what you might find when you go mining in the mountains of Tennessee.

Stroll the Deck of the Titanic

For those who prefer human history to the Jurassic era, Titanic Pigeon Forge offers a glimpse into the last days of the world's most famous ship. The luxurious Titanic set sail from England in early April 1912, and was lost just four days later in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Titanic Pigeon Forge recreates her maiden voyage with interactive displays, interviews with survivors, and even a life-size replica of the beautiful grand staircase. Experience what passengers felt as they huddled aboard lifeboats, feel the temperature of the water as she sank, and touch the surface of a real iceberg. You can even stand on the bridge, ship's wheel in hand, as you follow orders from the captain.

Whether you're a true history buff, or you're just looking for something different to do on your vacation, a visit to the past in Pigeon Forge is sure to delight. From Tyrannosaurus Rex to the unsinkable Titanic, you'll explore history in a way no textbook can ever convey. Not only will you have a memorable vacation, but you and the kids will love the opportunity to learn new things about our past in these exciting, interactive museums.

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