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  • Author Emmanuel Segui
  • Published November 29, 2010
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The best blog blueprint bonus package you'll be receiving for free will help you build more blogs, in less time, get more traffic and generate more money with every blog you create.

The blog blueprint bonus concept believes in starting small first by creating 5 to 10 blogs a month and then expanding your efforts. Even if autoblogging is hot, the blog blueprint bonus formula isn't claiming anything. You're not bound to be rich if you follow this course. So many autoblogging courses appear as get rich quick themes and this is not what we're talking about. The entire blog blueprint bonus system is very realistic and I'm sure you're going to love it.

There are 7 module in the whole blog blueprint bonus system. Everything is laid out so you can easily create 10 blogs a month and generate more than $50,000 a year.

The first step is preparation, which is divided into 5 parts: as you're most like to fail if you don't have a plan, the 5 parts concentrate on budgeting, by financially wise before executing your plan. The blog blueprint bonus system also talks about the "core focus concept" of your network of autoblogs and why it's important. Down to reality. People just following so cheap autoblogging course think they're going to be rich and earn $1,000 a month per blog.

The second step in the blog blueprint system is about Research, including keyword research and core focus research. Focus on the wrong core focus or the wrong keywords and you're out of the game.

During the next step, the set up, we're organizing everything and again preparing everything, making sure everything turns out in your favor: domain, webhost, email and content management.

Now, the next step is to install our blog. This is done by installing the blog itself, and then all the necessary plugins and do the initial configuration of the blog and of each plugin. And boy, this takes time, that's for sure. but he last part of step 4 will make this very simple. During this profit-pulling blog-building process, we always remember that building a business is not easy. It requires work and a lot of it. We're not hoping to make some money, we're planning to make it big. The "Auto-blog Installer" is the next big thing that comes with this blog blueprint bonus system. It installs and configures blogs and plugins for you. Click a few buttons and you've installed a blog and all the plugins necessary for SEO and promotion. Amazing. It saves you hours of work everytime.

The firth module is optimization. This step is about the content of your blog, how to do on-page SEO and how to make this autoblog concept a reality through the 2 next amazing automated tools: AutoBlogBuddy and Datafilter. With these 3 tools, you can create a idea of a blog into a profit-pulling blog-building machine. Once good research is done, creating an automated professional-looking blog is a breeze. and autoblogbuddy will create profit for you.

Next phase is building a plan for our long term success. And it involves indexing your site, monetizing your blog and get lots of traffic to convert it into sales. Discover a lot of advances tips and techniques to get traffic to your site, which includes, press releases, RSS, web directories, video and more.

Finally, we're focusing on advanced monetization, and 3 strategies and discusses in great details: selling ad space, how to include email marketing and how to flip your blogs in case of a non-profitable website to recoup our investment.

And I would like to offer the Blog Blueprint bonus package for free, so you can build more blogs, faster and to generate more money with each blog, just follow this link to the Blog Blueprint bonus.

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