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  • Published November 25, 2010
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One of the hardest things to do when you build a website or blog and begin marketing is to think outside yourself and what you want. You must understand that being able to make money online is a byproduct of finding your audience. In most cases people think that if they talk about what they want to talk about people will swarm their web presence and throw them hundred dollar bills. Well this may be a little bit exaggerated, but in the majority of cases people’s expectations especially those interested in online business are way too high. The one thing I learned about online business and building a readership is success is not given online it is earned so don’t think that you can hop in my niche and compete without working day and night learning and promoting. Now even with thousands of hours of work you will still fail unless you understand who you are talking to and what they need. This is where finding your market audience comes into play if you are able to do this you will maximize the chance of turning a visitor into a reader or client.

The first step when trying to find your target audience is understanding your exact place within your niche. This will not be done overnight and is more than likely to change over time. For example when I started online my purpose was helping people make money online without spending any money or getting scammed. I created a website dedicated to this which you can find by going to google and typing in "make money online free" I am in the top spot. Anyway after creating this presence and dominating the keywords I wanted it was not enough. I wanted to move from the make money online niche into the online business niche. The hardest thing to understand was that my make money online audience was not the same as my online business niche. If you want to learn about your target audience find web 2.0 websites that are dedicated to your niche. You will actually need to read these conversations and interact asking questions and helping others. This will be the quickest way to learn everything about your target audience.

As you learn about your target audience you must remember it is not a onetime deal. A niche is not a static subject, but a growing changing animal. To master a niche you must be willing to learn and never stop learning. Become familiar with the top blogs in your niche (which will change) and connect with their bloggers. Find who in your niche is coming out with the niche news the quickest and visit their web presence frequently to stay updated. Get into forums that are on your niche so you can stay connected with your audience. In forums you will find great subject material for blog posts or articles. In these websites you will find the questions in your niche that really need answering and if you are the first one to answer them then you will quickly become the authority.

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