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  • Published December 7, 2010
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A big question in the minds of many people is how to increase the overall efficiency of your business so that costs can be reduced and profit margins increased. This is such a huge question that many companies make millions and even billions of dollars a year as consulting firms to address these very questions and try to provide answers to them. Put quite simply, most small retail chains do not have the resources to pay a consulting firm, so what can be done? You can purchase a point of sale (POS) software system to make your business run more smoothly. How does one software system do more than an expensive consulting firm? It does it by reducing labor needed and streamlining many tasks into one point of sale software program.

The way that most retail chains run these days, they have an inventory report every two months or so. This report consists of an entire weekend spent in the back room taking a tally of each and every individual product so as to get an accurate account for what is in the stock room. A weekend count costs the business a lot of time in lost productivity and in increased labor hours. Point of sale software eliminates the need for such a count. When the product is received, you simply enter it into your POS database via a barcode scanner and as each product is sold, the system updates your inventory stock levels. That means you will have an accurate count of inventory levels at any time thanks to point of sale software. The time and labor saved will do wonders for your bottom line. With this type of inventory management, you will be on top of your merchandise in real time.

Another way that productivity can be increased is through careful examination of sales reports that point of sale software can make. It is quite possible that your store's hours of operations are not the optimal hours for your bottom line. With the intelligent sales reports that hosted point of sale software can create, you can break sales down on an hourly basis to see which hours are not being productive to your business. Let us say that your business opens at eight o'clock in the morning and you think this is the best time. With a sales report from the point of sale software you can manipulate the data to show all sales between eight and ten in the morning. If the revenue from these hours of operation is not high enough to cover your costs, you will know to keep the store closed until ten in the morning.

The fact of the matter is that hosted point of sale software is a tool that can be very effective in helping to optimize your business. It is not very expensive and can be much more beneficial than the more expensive option of hiring an outside consulting firm. A hosted point of sale software system will allow you to become very familiar with your business and empower you with the information necessary to make very important decisions that can lead your company into prosperity. It's time to streamline your business operations.

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