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  • Author Amuro Wesley
  • Published December 26, 2010
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If you are new to internet with no idea how to design websites and reluctant to spend money on domain names, web hosting and even web designers, blogs will be the best alternative.

Firstly, blogs are free to set up and everything such as templates and functions to upload images and videos are provided for you. You can easily get your accounts at sites like Blogger and Wordpress which I highly recommend. Because of these factors alone, you can do many things.

If you are just blogging as a hobby, I leave the creativity part to you so long as you follow the necessary guidelines and do not write negative things about others. But if you are like most internet marketers wanting to make a part or full time income from blogs, you may consider these tips as your platform and foundation to greater and quicker success.

Firstly, you need to update your blog with new posts regularly. Major search engines like Google love blogs with new content. They rank them highly and even more so than websites. If you are busy with other things, you need to inform the readers or get a freelancer from Elance or Guru to do for you at a small fee.

Next, you need to find fellow bloggers with high page ranks or PRs in search engines. Get to know them, build their rapport and trust first. Once you established a relationship with them, you can request them to exchange their links with yours. By doing that, you will benefit greatly as you stand a higher chance of being on the first page of search engines. Alternatively, you can inform your family, friends and relatives so long as they support what you do.

The best place to find those bloggers is on Google since Google has a blogging account called Blogger. However, you should only befriend those who are related to your niche. For example if you are promoting about affiliate marketing, you should look for those promoting affiliate marketing and not network marketing or Forex. Because your ultimate goal is to make money online via blogging, nothing else matters.

Apart from getting a free Blogger account with Google, you need to make sure you register with Technorati. Technorati is one of the authority sites which are also highly ranked by search engines and drive the most traffic.

After doing so, sign up at RSS Feed Burner.

For more information on these, you can ask your fellow bloggers.

Besides Blogger, Wordpress is another site where you can easily get a free blogging account. Just as Blogger is supported by Google, Wordpress is supported by Yahoo. But one thing to note is that Wordpress is very much like Ezine Articles which does not allow affiliate links. You need to invest in a domain name and web hosting account. For that, I recommend Mattie Blaze Hosting whereby you can get both of these quickly and easily.

Whether you are creating blogs through Blogger, Wordpress or both, you can get some free yet professional looking blog templates. Just do a Google for those keywords and you should not have problems finding out the links and downloading the free templates from there.

But the main issue is getting the keywords right with your title, domain and content. For your info, keywords are words that most people use to find what they need or want through search engines. Get these right and you may be on your way to earning a lot of money. However, try not to repeat the keywords throughout the blog as most readers do not like it. 2 or 3 times will be fine but not more than that.

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