Why You Should Encourage Your Children To Blog?

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  • Published December 17, 2010
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In my earlier article I did mention that if you find updating your blog with updates frequently to be a chore and yet do not wish to give up the idea of making money from blogging, you may consider getting others to do it for you.

And what better way than to encourage your children to blog since you do not have to spend any money as compared to engaging freelancers.

If you are reluctant, I perfectly understand.

Encouraging your children to participate in modern technology like using PC and updating your blog can be disturbing initially. Especially when they tend to end up spending more time playing games than getting the actual work done.

However if you look from another perspective, you may have second thoughts considering the fact that blogging can enhance their writing skills in articles which are more commonly known as compositions and essays in schools. If your child is a natural writer, that will be much better and easier for you to fulfil his or her potential.

For a start, introduce him to your blogging community. Then teach him the basics and fundamentals of blogging. Before you do this, make sure you know and be familiar with those as well.

To get him to focus more on blogging and less on games, you need to encourage him and make it as fun as possible. Children loves new things especially those that they did not get to see and do everyday. You can get some free PLR articles of different niches and share with him so that he can choose what he like and have an idea of what to write without being lost in thoughts along the way.

By developing his writing skills at his early age, you not only enrich his mind with more information but boast his confidence level as well.

Besides this, here are other advantages:

Developing His Sense Of Responsibility

As a parent, it is your responsibility to let your child know that blogging is not merely posting but also updating and answering readers’ comments as well.

By doing so, you are developing his sense of responsibility as well.

Establishing Communication With Online Community

This is another key factor which enables your child not only to reach out to people he knows but those you know as well.

Frequent communication not only build relationships and trust but boast your affiliate sales and income as well.

Enhances Your Child’s Creativity

Once you know his or her potential, appreciate and develop him or her.

Not only your child will like you better but thank you as well for developing his writing skills and getting better grades in essays and compliments from teachers.

Improving Your Child’s Vocabulary, Spelling And Grammar

The more blogs he post for you, the better will his vocabulary, spelling and grammar indirectly.

Instead of spoonfeeding him every now and then, get your child to think and act independently. Such as constructing effective words and sentences that will prompt the readers to click your affiliate link.

This will be a win win situation for you and your child. You get to build relationships with others and your child probably achieve better grades in his English than his classmates.

As parents, you should strike a balance between building relationships with your children and disciplining them accordingly. As much as you need to keep them away from porn sites and games, you should not restrict them to the extreme of not letting them touch the PC. Teach them what they need to know about computers and develop their intellect skills from there.

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