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  • Published December 27, 2010
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Do you understand what the characteristics of a successful blog are? A blog that is successful in making money has a lot of readers, so the first focus of a successful blog is to obtain these readers. Several methods exist to get readers, but, according to the experts, only a few of these will provide you the readership you desire.

By now you should have determined, that you need to own a blog, to propel your online business to the next level. It is plain to see, I think, that your business growth is greatly enhanced by having a blog. If there is anything that internet marketer's agree on, "the money is in the list" is universally accepted, so if you want to make money with your blog, focus on building your list.

Readership in the thousands is common among popular blogs. It could take some time to build this up from scratch or you can pay for advertising and set up a capture page to get users to subscribe to your blog. Building a list from scratch, using search engins optimization, is preferred as far as I am concerned. The cost of building this way can be limited to the cost of your time. In the first place, these readers come to know and like you, so they will listen to what you have to say. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you cannot build a successful blog from scratch.

While internet marketing is itself difficult, the construction of a successful blog may be even harder. The hallmark of a popular blog is steady traffic, but don't become discouraged if your blog is not there yet. The creation of a successful blog is a necessary component to becoming an expert in your chosen niche. WIth the establishment of professional credibility, the sale of your goods and services will become easier.

No matter how you monetize your site, you need a lot of subscribers to make it a success. If you have Google AdSense on your blog, you should know that you will get a lot of clicks, but to repeatedly see the numbers rise in your favor, you need a following of people who will visit your blog on a daily basis. The number of subscribers is directly related to the success of the blog.

A great deal of traffic is necessary for a blog to be successful, as I mentioned above. The importance of traffic with respect to your blog is virtually life or death. Your survival in the internet marketing world is dependent upon your level of traffic, this is elementary marketing. Many ways to get traffic exist, however only a few are worth the investment in time. You would be well advised to stay with the free traffic methods as a beginner, as the paid methods of advertising may be cost prohibitive.

Of the free methods, video marketing is one of the preferred avenues. After creating a 3 - 5 minute video, you can submit them for free, to sites like Metacafe, YouTube and Google video. Sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, and Google Video are all popular sites and get a lot of traffic to them on a daily basis. The likelihood of the video sites being of benefit is enhanced by the huge traffic that these sites generate on a daily basis.

You can also get a lot of traffic by article marketing. Just write a series of 300 - 500 word articles, and submit them to the top article directories.






All of these sites can deliver a ton of hits to your blog. Writing articles that are related to the subject of your blog niche will result in targeted visitors. Webmasters from competitive websites may publish your articles, so you can get traffic both from organic search engine results and from other blogs.

Form marketing is another great source of free traffic. The process is very simple, sign up to a forum and post relevant messages on the forums. Your signature is the proper place to place your advertising message, you can sign with a text link in either html or bb code.

All of these components are included in successful blogs. Following the tips in this article will result in your creating a successful blog.

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