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What is Double Helix Water®?

The question that springs to mind is, "How is Double Helix Water® different from other water, such as distilled?" Firstly, the basic water is ultra-pure, as opposed to distilled water, which contains many contaminants. Secondly, David Gann and Yin Lo believe that they have discovered a new phase or form of water. One phase of water is liquid, another ice, and still another is gas (steam). The previously undiscovered molecular phase of water is one that includes water molecules that have become solid at room temperature, unlike ice, which goes solid at a very cold temperature. For this to happen, the liquid phase would have to be able to condense into a tiny particle that would be solid at room temperature. As it turns out, from their research, this does in fact take place because of extreme pressures in a specific electrical field that surrounds single-charged ions. David and Yin discovered this while studying extremely dilute ionic solutions of such substances as sodium chloride. The new solid water particle resulting from this pressure is known as a Stable Water Cluster. It is nanometer-sized and electrically charged.

What Effect does Double Helix Water Have on the Body?

The research that resulted in the product known as Double Helix Water® was and is only about pure water. Double Helix Water® has nothing in it except H2O and it is not a drug or any kind of curative agent. David Gann says, "At this moment we know little about the exact mechanism of this water in the body. But ask us about the physical characteristics of this water we call Double-Helix. We have a ton of information about that."

That said, scientific research into Double Helix Water® has supported the idea that the Stable Water Clusters in the water start a self-healing process, possibly because of the strong polar charge. Thermal images, done both before and after a person drank Double Helix Water, show significantly lower temperatures where a person has experienced inflammation. In other words, apparently the inflamed areas become less inflamed.

"I had the privilege of testing some of the earliest clustered water and found statistically significant improvement in basic immune function," wrote C. Norman Shealy M.D., Ph.D., Founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, regarding David Gann and Shin Lo’s book, Double Helix Water - Has the 200-year-old mystery of homeopathy been solved?

David Gann and Yin Lo are currently going over hundreds of case histories and over fifty double-blind studies to learn more about the effect of this phase of water on the human body.

Double Helix Water Theories

In research, it is essential to separate facts from theories. Current health research is promising and seems to point in the direction that this stable water cluster particle is responsible in some way for triggering the self-healing process. Of course, that is a theory.

In practice, some homeopathy treatments work and some do not. This form of water, created from some ultra-dilute homeopathic solutions, may be the source the homeopathy treatments that work. It may contribute to the body’s ability to heal itself and its immune system. These are also theories.

David Gann likes the term "genesis phase." He says, "I believe that this phase of water was responsible for the first simple cells on Earth." That is also a theory, a very attractive and interesting theory that is explained more fully in his book and in the fact that when Double Helix Water is concentrated, it forms the shape of a double-helix, much like the shape of DNA, and this has been photographed with an Atomic Force Microscope.

Dr. Lo has theorized that Stable Water Cluster particles are the molecular basis of what Chinese Medicine refer to as "meridians." In Chinese medicine, meridians refer to an electrical matrix which surrounds the body and is the most important factor in physical health. Atomic Force Microscope photos demonstrate that Stable Water Cluster particles line up, end to end, to form circuit-like structures, which may have everything to do with this electrical matrix.

Future Research

David Gann and Dr. Lo, along with other researchers, are continuing studies and research to find more about why many individuals have been regaining their health by simply adding a few drops of this water to their diet.

Products Developed

Double Helix Water® is the registered trademark of an ultra pure water containing Stable Water Clusters made via a patented process owned by D&Y Laboratories.

D&Y Laboratories produce an "Eco Perfect Fuel Catalyst (TM)" - a combustion enhancer that requires no chemical binders and creates a near complete combustion of fuel. This is done solely with the solid water particle (stable water clusters), whereas former technologies required toxic chemicals.


Dr. Shui Yin Lo, Ph.D., a theoretical physicist, has spent over 20 years at the best research laboratories in the world. He has been associated with some stellar company. His teacher received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2008. His college roommate received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1998. Another classmate received the world’s top honor in mathematics. In 1979, Yin Lo, along with two winners of the Nobel Prize, was invited by Chairman Deng to contribute to further physics research in China. Dr. Lo is the inventor and patent holder of the "Baser." He is Chairman of the Board of D&Y Laboratories.

David L. Gann is the CEO, Co-Founder, Director, and Product Development Director of D&Y Laboratories, Inc., which presents research and experimental information about Stable Water Clusters.

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