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  • Author Kris Beus
  • Published February 15, 2011
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Making money online is one of the most common goals of people online, but few know how to create web sites using HTML or other web languages. Luckily for these people blogging platforms will take care of the majority of coding. You will not need how to write web pages, upload web pages, or even how to add content. All of this will be taken care of by the blogging platform. There are a few different platforms to choose from all of which make creating a web presence and being able to earn money online quite easy. Some of the platforms which are most used include,, and When you decide you would like to make money blogging and you are serious about the endeavor then you may want to consider purchasing hosting. The three resources above will allow you to create a free blog, but the problem with using the free service is at anytime the service can end your blog for any reason.

One of the better options is purchasing hosting and uploading the wordpress platform. There are many different hosting programs which will give you unlimited hosting. The hosting program I personally recommend using is which will give you unlimited hosting for under 5 dollars a month. This hosting platform also offers an installer program which will let you install wordpress with the click of a button. The reason purchasing hosting should be a consideration is when you buy it they are not allowed to shut you down unless you are creating a blog about illegal topics. With this blog you can do whatever you would like without the possibility of the hosting company shutting you down.

Creating the blog is only the first step when creating a successful online business. After the initial set up pick a topic that you can write about. The content you write will be the deciding factor of the success your blog will have. If you write content that is helpful unique and related to whatever niche you decide people will see how your blog can help them learn and subscribe. These are the people who will partake in affiliate programs and buy your products. One important aspect of blogging is to succeed you will need to blog for over a year. It is possible to make money under a year, but you won’t see the full potential until after a year. This is the time needed before Google and the other major search engines will begin trusting your blog and ranking it well.

It is also needed that you do some preliminary marketing which will help you get your blog indexed into the major search engines so it can begin receiving organic traffic. There are a few ways which you can get your website indexed one of the best is submitting to the free directories over at You should also consider submitting to a few article directories which you can find by going to Google and typing in "list of article directories". In the first few months of your blog very few people will know it exists. If you would like to increase the awareness of your blog try going to the main social bookmarking websites and submitting your top blog posts. Some of the social bookmarking websites I use include,, and

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