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  • Published February 16, 2011
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On of the most pleasing things for any cappuccino lover than having their very own espresso shop right inside the home, and if you are searching for that type of espresso maker, then the Gaggia Platinum grind and brew coffee machine is is one of the best on the market. I shall be reviewing this automatic espresso machine and will show you several of the brilliant functions and features that will show why this gourmet coffee automatic machine continues to be rated the best choice Gaggia Platinum coffee machine is an automatic espresso maker that makes use of a contemporary and sleek design with touch button controls and a modern LCD screen. When it comes to espresso making, this automatic machine was able to unite recent sophistication and long-established technique of making a cup of Coffee. Gaggia uses a boiler made of stainless-steel to be able to speed up the process of heating up the coffee.

We will have a look at its appearance where it appears modern and sophisticated. Gaggia Platinum is made of plastic with a stainless-steel finish to produce the smooth and bold appearance that matches any style of kitchen. It features an Digital screen with touch button controls that will permit you to brew a cup of Joe with a few push of a button.

This automatic espresso machine has a in-built detachable water reservoir that may hold approximately fifty seven oz. of hot water, enough to satisfy anyone who loves hot thick cappuccino or latte. The passive stainless rapid steamer also allows this automatic machine to steam up the water easily, permitting you to have your much loved gourmet coffee within minutes.

The Gaggia Platinum grind and brew espresso maker also makes it possible for you to choose your personal favored flavor of cappuccino espresso coffee, for the reason that you can actually customize each cup by setting the dosage from seven grams to ten grams of coffee for each cup. Even if you desire the thickest cappuccino espresso coffee possible or a full body short black, Gaggia espresso maker has everything available for you.

Any time you want to have a instant cappuccino espresso coffee, coffee latte, or hot chocolate, the Milk Island in-built to the Gaggia Platinum coffee machine can surely serve fresh thick piping hot frothed milk to your morning shot of espresso and cappuccino. Really the only thing you need to do is to put in cold milk in to the decanter, which will hold around 13.5 oz of milk, and simply turn on the frothing button of your espresso grind and brew machine.

In the case of grinding whole good quality coffee beans, this automatic espresso maker can also simplify the job for you. The machine makes use of a ceramic grinder which helps the grind and brew machine to grind whole coffee beans and transfer the milled coffee in the coffee machine without making a mess to clean up. This really is something that only specialized baristas could do in the past.

For anyone who is worried concerning the chlorine in the water that you will be using for your hot beverages, then you would be pleased because this machine uses Aqua Prima Filter, that will thoroughly purify the tap water that you are using to make you espresso. So you are able to be certain that you are able to not just reward yourself with a great tasting cup of Coffee but also one free from nasty chemicals.

Gaggia are renowned for providing innovation, simpleness of use, sophisticated appearance of the machine, and quality of each espresso shot every time. This is an example of the reasons why coffee latte lovers like me cherished this espresso espresso machine from the moment you get your hands on it. Not only that, Gaggia Platinum actually does puts best tasting coffee shop inside your home by enabling you to get best tasting coffee latte in town with a press of a button.

For anyone who is not an espresso and cappuccino fan and rather drip coffee checkout our review and rating about the newest Capresso Coffee Maker that also grinds and brews. Go to our website for demonstrations of many more reviews of the best selling Grind and Brew Brewers.

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