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  • Author Donald Villeneuve
  • Published February 19, 2011
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Many bloggers do not want to miss the chance. They want to make the most of promotion''to''maximize their chances of generating revenue from their blog. This is not a bad idea to do it, but it also has many risks.

When you sell your own products, you must pay close attention to ads you display on your blog and those that are offered by Google AdSense for example (Google Ads).

How do you sell your products while you flood your blog ads from competing companies? Have you ever seen Ferrari promote Peugeot? Or Coca-Cola to promote Pepsi? Do not be your own enemy!

If you are promoting your own products or services, pay close attention to the banners that you publish as well as text ads on your blog. Why not use this space to promote your own products? It would be more profitable in my opinion.

You need to promote complementary products and not that of similar products.

You run many risks when you start paying no attention to these details that change everything.

Indignation of readers

Some banners will not announce or appreciated by some of your readers. So check in this case that the benefits of placing them in a particular area outweigh the disadvantages.

Do not be obsessed by money

I know some bloggers who initially had some interesting blogs and read by many people everyday, but who had the awkwardness of going into their archives and then remove any content that have no potential to generate revenues (they say). They then added so many ads on their blogs that it was almost impossible to distinguish the text. Some even ended up writing only about things they thought profitable. Unfortunately, they lost the vast majority of their readership because of this bad choice.

Unfortunately without traffic, you can not really increase your chances of making money on the internet.


The ads often turn out to be very congestion that your blog really did need. Remember, a blog with a main objective: to be read! This is your first content that should attract attention and nothing else. While it is interesting, chances are it gives you that credibility you need to sell or recommend products to people. In addition, some ads are sometimes unnecessary.

Preferably, choose ads that are relevant to the general theme of your blog. They are more likely to generate clicks and sales than any other.

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