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Calcium is a leading mineral and is the most plentiful mineral in the human body. Calcium phosphate salts build the solid material of teeth and bones; about 99% of it is stored in the teeth and bones. Blood calcium level is vital for a regular functioning heart, muscles and nerves, making up the rest of the bodies calcium. An assortment of calcium salts include acetate, chloride, carbonate, glubionate, gluconate, gluceptate, lactate, lactobionate, and phosphate salts, are used to restock the bodies supply of calcium.

Calcium Benefits

The bones in the body will adjust and restructure throughout its lifespan depending on the stresses put on them, much like muscles respond to exercise. Childhood and adolescence has the largest amount change and increase in size and mass most during this time. Bones will continue to add more mass until around age 30 that are when peak bone mass is reached. Bone loss just like bone growth, is a steady but slow process. Having stronger bones at age 30, the bone mass peak will help delay your bone loss as you age. That is why it is so important to the best calcium supplement and vitamin supplements for your life longevity.

The body continuously breaks down and rebuilds your bones to keep them strong. When you are young the body builds up calcium as fast as it removed it from the bones. But when the body gets older, it tends to absorb more calcium than it puts back, which puts the body at a greater risk for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis affects people of different races, genders and ethnicities, but women are at highest risk because their skeletal structures are smaller and the accelerated bone loss is caused by menopause, which is why there are lots of good calcium supplements for women. Sufficient calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K2, magnesium and trace mineral intakes, along with exercise are vital to the progress and maintenance of healthy bone throughout the extent of your life.

Calcium is mainly found in dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt, as well as dark green vegetables, whole sardines and calcium-fortified foods. In addition, your body needs vitamin D in order to absorb and use calcium. This is why vitamin supplement can help you absorb calcium and with very minimal research you can find the best multivitamin for your individual needs.

Calcium supplementation is reported to lead to the reduction of the risk of adenomas (nonmalignant tumors) in the colon, a precursor to colon cancer and can reduce the cancer risk. Another study reported the association between diet and colon cancer regarding the association of calcium intake with colon cancer. Their research showed a protective effect of calcium against colon cancer, though it is not a fact, it is an easy way to guard against the risk of cancer.

Kidney Stones are crystallized deposits of calcium and additional minerals in the urinary tract. Calcium stones are the most common form of kidney stones. High calcium intakes or high calcium absorption decreases the risk for kidney stones. Additional factors such as high intake from leafy vegetables like spinach and kale can reduce the risk factor in the formation of kidney stones, but calcium is not.

Coral calcium is another source of calcium, coral has a chemical structure that is similar to the composition of human bone and is sometimes used as material in bone grafts. It is also believed to have anticancer effects. When you have the proper amount of calcium in our body, it helps guard us against mutations and produces tissue alkalinity, which reduces the spread of cancer. It also has cardiovascular benefits; enabling the heart to bond calcium ions with the blood, which may lower blood pressure, and reduce blood lipids.

Conclusion of why you should take Calcium Supplements

In conclusion, taking it helps build the solid material of teeth and bones, controlling blood calcium levels which are vital for a regular functioning heart, muscles and nerves. But when the body gets older, it tends to absorb more calcium than it puts back, which puts the body at a greater risk for osteoporosis. We each have different needs and it is important that you look in to and get the best multivitamin or coral calcium supplement for your specific need.

So as you can see this can be easily added to your daily diet, taken in some health vitamins, organic vitamins, nutritional supplements and calcium vitamins to take daily to increase your overall health and help protect your body.

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