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  • Author Beatrice Mcpherson
  • Published March 6, 2011
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The best thing for any coffee latte drinker then the satisfaction of having their own espresso shop right inside the kitchen, and if you are in search of that sort of gourmet coffee machine, then the Gaggia Platinum grind and brew coffee machine is is one of the best on the market. We will be reviewing this product and will provide you with a number of the outstanding functions and features that makes this gourmet coffee programmable machine standout of the crowd. Gaggia Platinum coffee machine is an automatic grind and brew machine that makes use of a contemporary and smooth design with touch button controls and a LCD screen. With regards to coffee, espresso, cappuccino or cafe latte brewing, this automatic machine was clever to combine modern sophistication and traditional procedure of making a cup of Espresso. Gaggia makes use of a boiler made of stainless-steel with a purpose to speed up the process of boiling the water.

The controls of this automatic espresso machine are a lot easier than what you think. The Gaggia Platinum has a modern design LCD screen and touch ring button, it is easy to brew your first dose of coffee almost in an instant.

This one touch automatic espresso maker has a in-built removable water reservoir which can hold around 57 oz. of water, plenty to satisfy anyone who loves rich frothy cappuccino or latte. The passive stainless rapid steamer also allows this automatic machine to steam up the water with no trouble, enabling you to have your much loved piping hot coffee within a few minutes.

Preparing thick cappuccinos and lattes are also prepared simple by Gaggia Platinum Programmable for the reason that it utilizes the automatic frothing device to increase the thickness of your cappuccino and latte. The, Gaggia grind and brew coffee machine is like having a coffee shop right in the comfort your kitchen, that is certainly just right for the home barista.

Also rotating milk steaming wand that lets you to get very hot water whenever you will need it for hot beverages like lattes and cappuccinos. With the help of the ball joint, this milk frothing wand can handle nearly any size of jug or coffee cup size for which you are using.

The machine also comes with a built-in coffee burr grinder which allows you to select your own favorite type of coffee beans and grind it without the messy process of transferring the grounded beans to the espresso maker. The miller also grinds coffee beans evenly, this prevents the granules from blocking the paper filter.

This espresso machine also includes another excellent accessory which is the water purifier filter which will eliminate all the impurities within the tap water which you may be using for your coffee. This may also help you decrease the development of lime scale within your coffee brewer.

Some of the functions and features for this espresso machine, comes with a ceramic grinder which will help you evenly mill your preferred fresh coffee beans simply, cup warmer made from stainless steel that will keep your brew warm, express stainless steel frothing boiler that will make it easier to have a gourmet cup of Joe nearly in an instant, and Pannarello steaming wand that will help you have a very good connoisseur style cappuccino and latte simply.

If you are not an espresso and cappuccino enthusiast and rather filtered coffee checkout our review on the newest Capresso Coffee Maker that also grinds and brews. Drop by our website for demonstrations of a lot more reviews of the best Grind and Brew Brewers.

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