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  • Published March 20, 2011
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Augmented reality games are already familiar to the public, especially for the ones that own smart phone, which are literally addicted to these kinds of games. For the ones that are not familiar with this term, augmented reality is a term for a live direct or indirect view of the environment of the real world but his components are augmented by virtual computer - generated sensory access, such as sound or graphics. With simple words - a view of reality is modified by a computer. When it's about the games, they ask from the player more intense involvement with the story that takes place in real – time, he interacts directly with characters in the game, solving challenges and puzzles, and many times he works together with a community to examine the story and relate real - life and online actions.

On the internet could be found many different games of this kind but searching and finding the best game is little bit demanding work, so this article will make easier your job. This list of top 5 best android augmented reality games is made as a result of a campaign all around and it's pretty sure that you'll find something for your taste.

One of the best games of this type and in the same time the first and most celebrated massively multiplayer role-playing game is "Parallel Denmark". It uses GPS (or WiFi) and thanks to this, your character takes place on a map together with different monsters, searching for hidden treasures and communicating with other real players.

Perhaps the most exhilarating game for Android AR is"Sky Siege". It's very exciting and it shows your physical environment in a deadly battlefield, transforming the display of your phone into a virtual 3D world. This artificial world is full of helicopters and jet bombers of the enemies that are coming from all angles. The game is divided in 32 levels with increasing difficulty.

There is an interesting adventure for the funs of the zombies, provided through "Zombies, Run!" You select between Dawn of the Dead zombies or 28 Days Later zombies run, to select the mode of the game and also you need a zombie count that will help you find out how many zombies are there around you. Next you find your location and select the end point for your journey.

There is also an exhilarating game for the ones that are funs on the sniper games, called "iSnipeYou". As the most of these kind games, you need to shoot targets, using your camera. New things are that there are included multiple reticle design, bleeding wounds, sensor-based target drift and facial recognition for scoring.

Another great creation for the users of Android and for the funs of ghosts is "SpecTrek". It's a really interesting ghost hunting game. You need to use GPS and the phone's camera, and walking or running, you should catch a virtual ghost. It gives a lot of fun that the game gives titles, statistics and records of the accomplished and also gives awards, so it appears even more real.

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