How to Research Your Content the Most Efficient Way

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  • Author Janise Majette
  • Published April 15, 2011
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Creating content for your website or a blog can be difficult if you're not familiar with the topic you're targeting. There are times when you have to create content for things you know nothing about such as products you might be promoting. This is when effective research shines. If you know how to research a topic well and look around at the right places, half of your job is done. Writing original content is the easy part; what's difficult is finding the right kind of knowledge to support your content. There's nothing wrong with including your personal opinions in the article, which will help to make it original, but people will pay very little attention to an article that is not informative.

Media sharing sites, such as YouTube, have plenty of information that you can use for your research. The information contained in these videos can be used to improve your understanding of a certain subject, since there are videos covering practically every topic under the sun. Let's take an example, say you need to write an article about "weight training" but you know absolutely nothing about it, you could simply watch videos on YouTube about this subject and pick out a few key bits of information. You need to make sure that your content is original, so even if these key points will be useful when you're writing, you still need to add a few personal touches. Twitter is a site where you can often do valuable research, as this is a busy social network where users are always posting updates. It's become a sort of a knowledge hub that can be leveraged by anybody to gather data on various topics. Many tweets are simply social in nature, but there are also lots of users who are quite serious about sharing useful information with their followers. The trick is to locate Twitter users who post the type of content you can use for your research, and start following them.

People now use social bookmarking sites to share information on all different subjects, so you can go to places like to do research. The advantage of these sites is that bookmarking serves as a rating system that tells you how many users have rated a piece of content as high quality. You can also look into social media news sites such as and, which are powered by the users, who submit various types of content on different topics, which is then voted by the other users. There's no problem finding the best stories on these sites, as they are usually found on the front pages. This article makes it easy to understand how important research is in the critical role it plays in the creation of your content. There are many different places on the Internet where you can gather knowledge and use it for your content. However, if you want to make your research more effective you have to start with a blank slate. Every time you write. this will allow you to create top-notch content that people want to read and you will get the best possible results.

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