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  • Published April 18, 2011
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Crashproof Prosperity is a new wealth creation program from three well known economic experts:

  1. Gerald Celente of The Trends Institute.

  2. Wayne Allyn Root, former vice presidential candidate.

  3. Kip Herriage, CEO of Wealth Masters International.

We are living in tumultuous times of extreme uncertainty. Markets have crashed. Banks have gone belly-up. Bankrupt governments around the world are printing unprecedented amounts of money just to pay their debt obligations.

The world's base currency, the US dollar, is collapsing under the pressure. Many economists are predicting that hyperinflation is coming in the US.

Crashproof Prosperity reviews all of these issues and lets you understand what's happening in the world without the filters put in place on the mainstream media....and it teaches you strategies on how to deal with them on a personal financial and investment level.

The program was conceived by Kip Herriage, CEO of Wealth Masters International. His current VRA (Vertical Research Advisory) newsletter can boast 100% or more returns for 6 out of the last 7 years. The price, however, was out of the reach of many independent investors...partly because it was developed for fund managers rather than the average investor in the first place.

The CrashProof Prosperity program offers insight from Kip through his VRA letter, but also from Gerald Celente's Trends Journal and Wayne Allyn Root's insider knowledge of politics and business and how that effects the investor.

As a CEO, Mr. Herriage has devoted his company, Wealth Masters International, to providing real financial education, not the stuff that is spoon fed from the financially elite on Wall Street. From the Wall Street crowd, you often learn whatever works best to line their pockets, whether it is good for the individual investor's pocket or not.

This may be why he approached Mr. Celente and Mr. Root about this program. Their partnership multiplies the value 10 times, but they are offering it at a cost that is far more accessible to the average investor.

It's a great way for these experts to do something to help the average person who may get crushed by the coming financial disaster that they are all predicting. I believe that played a role in the pricing, because they could easily charge twice as much for this product.

These three experts compliment each others' skills and knowledge to make a one, two, three punch that rivals any other similar program available today. Based on their histories of success, I would expect a number of happy members as time goes on.

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