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  • Published May 4, 2011
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The rare finding in millionaire mentor reviews is a guy like this. Michael Cheney actually took the trouble to discuss with over 100,000 people exactly what they wanted to get them making money online quickly. He actually surveyed thousands of his own customers on a mission to discover the missing piece of the puzzle for internet marketers. And the result…My Millionaire Mentor.

My Millionaire Mentor 2011 is a private coaching program designed by the millionaire internet marketing Michael Chaney.

He created his millionaire wealth believing in two things

1- You need a system- The system that My Millionaire Mentor uses is called the Cash Catcher method and it’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online.

2- You need a mentor-The mentoring consists of Mentoring Videos designed to take you from no-hoper to massive profits in record time.

You don’t need any special skills, training or technical knowledge. The system is for absolute newbie’s, as well as those still struggling to make a dime online. The main Package of the course is made up of 10 Cash Catchers and each cash catcher is broken down in 3 main components:

The 1st component is an introduction video where Michal explains to you in detail what the Cash Catcher it’s all about.

The 2nd component of the Cash Catcher is the audio wealth session - each audio wealth session is about 90 min to well over 2 hours long, and this are actually recording of Michael’s $2000 private coaching program that he sold out to his email subscribers.

The 3d component of the Cash Catcher is the downloadable area where you can get Mind Maps as well as Video Transcripts for each of the wealth sessions.

And finally at the then at the end of each Cash Catcher you’ll get a real mentoring videos for Michael that will help you deal with project managements, how to move forward in your business, business strategies etc.

All this techniques are proven to work and in this videos Michael is going to motivate and help you to implement the material that you’ll learn in each Cash Catcher.

His introduction video explains how his team of internet marketers (the millionaire ones) will be mentoring 24/7. Now I like the sound of that!

My Millionaire Mentor 2011 is a training program that really over delivers unlike a number of other internet marketing product that are released today. This course is a true blueprint that shows you precisely exactly how Michael Cheney made over 5 million dollars online. All you have to do to achieve the same degree of success is to replicate what he did and there is no reason for you not to succeed.

From what I gather in his video, the guy seems genuine.

In case you’re convinced that this product can make you rich overnight without having done any work than this course is not for you. To actually make money online for real you need to follow proven methods from somebody that has achieved success by taking action.

If You need mentor ship then My Millionaire Mentor is what you need to look at it further here

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