Re-Purposing Articles - What's the Right Way to Do It?

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  • Author Janise Majette
  • Published May 5, 2011
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It's quite common among those who market online to use the writing and distribution of articles to gain exposure among target markets. Few marketers have realized just how valuable these articles are to them when they are repurposed to be used in different ways. This is an absolute must if you want to get the most leverage possible out of your original articles. Doing this allows you to do so much more for your business for less work and money. This article explores three simple ways you can re-purpose your articles.

  1. Submit your content to social networking site such as Facebook, Squidoo, HubPages, etc. Your main goal is to talk to your targeted customers in many different formats and get your articles in front of them. Social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace have become a great way to publish your content and have it spread around virally. Your content can get tons of traffic if you can combine them with social media marketing. This is because, these days, social networking is very popular and most online users use it. So, this is an excellent method to use the power of these online platforms to submit your articles and get them seen by everybody online.

  2. Use your article to produce a quality video. You will always have the opportunity to create a generic slideshow that contains the content in your article, but with your own words. When you create this type of video, it will help you to get video traffic to your site.

You are just using your existing article content and re-purposing it so that everybody who likes viewing videos, will see your specific video. You can place your video on websites like those such YouTube and other such websites that like to share videos. This is a great way to leverage your articles and drive even more targeted traffic to your site. It might seem like a lot of work but with the free services and software tools out there, it becomes extremely easy.

Create a niche directory for yourself and place your own highly targeted articles in it. This is a huge boon because people enjoy reading through these niche directories and it establishes your site as an authority site within the niche. Scripts that help you create directories are inexpensive and widely available online. You'll have to decide if you'll let other writers submit articles or keep it private for you're your own articles. Having your own niche directory though is an incredible and powerful tool for generating traffic to your articles and boosting your search engine rankings.

Finally, this article helps us to see how important it is to rebrand your content and how it can help you to grow your online company. A lot of reasons exist for why you might want to do this. But the biggest one is that by utilizing your existing articles you'll be able to save tons of time and money that you can invest to grow your business. If you are a stranger to the whole repurposing idea, then don't worry too much because it really isn't that hard to do. In time, you will learn it and you will repurpose your content in ways for lots of leverage.

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