How eCommerce Solutions are Changing the Face of Online Shopping


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  • Published May 23, 2011
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With the number of internet users growing by the day, a lot of retailers have turned their attention to catering to customers who make purchases online. These customers are usually those who prefer to shop and purchase products in the comfort of their home and have the goods shipped to their residence. Usually, these are the types of customers who simply do not have the time to go to a regular retail store to make their purchase. Shopping online offers plenty of advantages, one of which is the ability to easily compare prices of similar products with a simple touch of a button. This certainly saves customers a lot of time in comparing other products before making their final decision in which product to buy.

eCommerce solutions provide customers and business owners a quick and easy way to complete their buying and selling transactions online. There are different kinds of eCommerce solutions available, depending on what your business needs are. Of course, there are initial costs involved when it comes to purchasing the software, but this is definitely one purchase that pays for itself over time.

Why You Should Have Sales Order Processing Software

There are millions of online users, and in order to target these customers, you need to have an online store. A webpage with your current products and information about them is not sufficient, you also need to have a sales order processing software. This software will allow your customers to directly purchase your products from your website, without having to wait for human assistance. This software basically automates the whole purchasing system and allows you to generate income even when you are away from the computer. You do not need to keep watch of your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all you need to do is to install the software once or integrate it with your website, and keep it updated, that's it!

With this software, customers can purchase your products or avail of your services at any time, you will not be limited to being open for business during normal business hours. Thus, you will be able to cater to as many customers as possible, even those who are on a different time zone from yours.

What your customer needs to do is to basically choose the products or services they want to avail of, and when they are ready to "checkout" or finish their online shopping, they will be taken to a secure webpage where they can enter their credit card details or PayPal information in order to pay you. They will be presented with their order total, shipping options (if they are purchasing physical products and not downloadable ones), and will also be emailed a receipt for their transaction.

eCommerce for Customers

Customers who simply do not have time to fall in line in a payment center to pay for their utility bills or make purchases can easily go online and complete these transactions with a website which has eCommerce software. They can securely type in their credit card information, and the payment is taken out in real time. This keeps their payment information secure, and also makes the whole process extra secure since they will not be giving out their card details to another person, who might misuse the information.

Customers also greatly benefit from websites with eCommerce solutions as they are given accurate order totals, complete with sales tax and shipping fees. The chances of human error in the computation of order totals are eliminated with the use of this software. Plus, they can make their purchases and complete their transactions even after business hours, as websites with eCommerce software are up and running at any time of the day.

Customers whose paychecks are deposited in a bank account tied with a debit card can easily make their purchases without having to fall in line in an ATM to withdraw cash and use it for payments. They can use the money while it's in their account to pay for their transactions online.

eCommerce solutions provide more than just a way to carry out transactions online. It is literally changing the way people shop and do online transactions. Be it multi channel retail software or sales order processing software, both customers and business owners greatly benefit from its use.

Kathryn Dawson writes for Sparkstone, authors of sales order processing software system with optional ecommerce solutions.

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