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  • Author Maria Wixman
  • Published March 14, 2011
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Whether you have used a website builder or not, building links to your site is important. Posting on forums can help your site gain more visitors than you could imagine.

Use Your Signature.

If you regularly post on forums, you will know that most posters have a signature at the bottom of their every post. Some forums require you to have been a member for a period of time or to have made a specific number of posts before you have signature privileges, but some allow signatures straight away. It can be a good idea to embed a link to your site in your signature and ensure that you post regularly. If you provide good content and comments on the site, people are likely to develop an interest in your postings.

It may follow that they will be curious enough to click on the link on your signature, which will take them to your website. This may start a trickle of people coming to your site but any improvement is worth considering. It is helpful if your comments on the forum are of interest and value to the forum and not just advertisements for domain name or art portfolio

Be relevant.

If your business website, even one created with a website builder, is based around dogs, posting links on a forum that relates to astronomy is not going to be targeting the same audience. You may get lucky and appeal to astronomers who like dogs but in reality, it would be better to post links on forums that are related to your own site. This way, there will be a reason for people to have an interest in your comments and they may appreciate another website that shares their interest.

Some forums may not take kindly to links that could potentially take visitors away from their site to a rival website but you should be able to determine the mood of the forum in a short while. If other posters are able to present links to similar sites, it should not be any difficulty for you to do this.

Frequency matters.

Some posters may think that a blitz approach to posting links on forums is a good idea but whilst this may offer short term gain, it will have no impact in the long term. Firstly, the site moderators or those responsible for web hosting will likely consider your posts to be spam and will delete the posts and may even ban you from the site.

Secondly, if the number of back links you have goes from zero to a nigh number very quickly, search engine algorithms will notice this and discount these links. This is why it is better to build your reputation on a site slowly, perhaps with one or two posts on a daily basis. Once your name is recognised, posting links and comments on a more regular basis can increase but making your posts appear natural is a key factor in building strong back links to your site. It doesn’t matter if your site was created by yourself, someone else or through a website builder program, the search engine algorithms will detect any questionable linking practices.

Quality of output.

Your posts on a forum can act as an advertisement to your ecommerce website which means if your posts are poor, people will think your site will be poor as well. It doesn’t matter if the website was created with a website builder, the content can make it an enjoyable site and you want as many people as possible to view the site.

Posting regular and informative posts on a forum will act as a good advertisement to your site and is more likely to increase the number of hits from people visiting your website.

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