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  • Author Maria Wixman
  • Published May 24, 2011
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If you create free website material, successfully promoting the material can make your website a big success. Follow these plans to boost the traffic towards your website.

Being able to create free website content and pages is a great way to express yourself and your feelings on a topic but you will want people to see your work. Knowing how to create blog posts is a great start but if no one reads them, it can be very frustrating. There are smart ways to boost your blog traffic and these areas can all boost your profile and readership.

Use the correct keywords

If you are positing on a particular topic, there are likely to be some keywords that are particularly relevant to your web page. When you create free website content, you should have these words in mind and place them in your articles. It is important that the keywords make sense and appear relevant in your article but sensible use of keywords can boost your website’s attractiveness to search engine algorithms. The higher up you rank on a search engine, the more likely people will be to visit your blog or Flash website.

Understand your market and audience

If you are positing on a particular topic, it is likely you have a particular target market in mind. These people do not have to be of the same background or status but they should have something in common. Your blog may be about a sports team, so the readers will be fans of that sports team. Your blog may be about the condition of roads in your area, so the readers will be drivers in your local area.

Knowing the potential readers for your blog should assist you in creating content that they want to read and the keywords they will use on search engines. Using the road condition example, good keywords could contain the name of a street or local area and words like pothole, crater or car damage. These are the words people will search on and including these in your content will make your page score highly for these search terms.

Good quality content

You will have read it so many times on the internet but content is king. If your blog is informative, entertaining, witty or intriguing, people will come back to it. Not only that but they will hopefully tell their friends or post links to your blog or website. Creating something that is worth reading is not easy for everyone but providing good content will increase your chances of more people finding your website.

Post links and comment on other blogs

Unless you are truly innovative or have created a very niche blog, there are likely to be other forums or blogs for the topic you cater for. It can make sense to join these forums or post comments on these other blogs. Developing a reputation for being knowledgeable in this field will boost your profile and posting links to your site can help drive traffic towards to your website.

It is important to follow the rules and protocols of the forum or blog and keep the links relevant. If you have a dog website, posting links on an Ancient Roman history site is unlikely to bring too many new visitors to your website.

Use Article Directories

Posting content on websites like Ezine presents your content to a wider audience and allows you to submit a synopsis of your blog or music website or portfolio website or whatever type of site you have. If your content aroused people’s interest, they may follow the synopsis and link to your own website.

Once you create free website content, it is not enough to sit back and wait for people to find you. Be pro-active and drive traffic to your blog and let people enjoy your content. It is also important to remember that once people visit your website, keep them coming back with new content or relevant information.

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