Vacations are Hard Because Money is Tight so Cheap Things to do in NYC

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  • Author Brittany Duppes
  • Published June 1, 2011
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Are you planning a trip to New York City? Vacations are hard now a-days because money is tight. There are many great things to do for free, however, if you do a little research. Last time I was there, I tried to find as many free things as I could, while still keeping my wallet happy. I visited Central Park, Union Square, and a few other parks and museums.

In Central Park, I loved just strolling along and looking at the great scenery. If I could just spend my whole day there, I would. Central Park has plenty to see, and there is a lot to do. Your children will enjoy the great weather in the summer. It's the perfect place to pack a lunch and play games. While the kids play, you can sit in the shade of an oak tree and watch them. Another great activity is the Central Park Zoo. This is free for children three years of age and younger. You can also visit Tisch Children's Zoo. The Seals and Sea Lions are visible from outside of the zoo. So even if you don't want to go inside, it is still a great place to go and visit. A great thing to try while in NYC is bird watching. Stop at Beledere Castle to get everything you need for this activity. If you're going during the winter, make sure to try out an ice skating rink. There are two to choose from. I like to sit by the food court near a window that overlooks it.

If you have a half hour to kill, go ahead and take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. This is a great way to see a five miles of the New York Harbor. If that doesn't sound good enough, it's free! People use it all the time to get from Staten Island to Manhattan.

If you don't mind being pegged as a tourist, Time square is a must see. You can't go to New York without window-shopping. One of the best places to do this is the multi-story Virgin Store. Find your way to 42nd Street, and you can get Broadway tickets for half off! Just look for the signs, and get cheap tickets to any show going on that day.

NBC is broadcast from the Rockefeller Plaza. Set your alarms early to catch it.

St. Patrick's Cathedral Church is an awesome thing to see. It was built over one hundred years ago, and its gothic style build is beautiful. If you feel like you need a break from the noise of the city, this church is a great place to relax.

Next, visit one of the oldest suspension bridges in the country. Stop at the Brooklyn Bridge which reaches across the East River. If you want a spectacular view of Manhattan, take a ride in a water taxi.

If you've seen the movie I am Legend, you'll be interested in visiting the South Street Seaport. The evacuation scene was filmed here. Street performers. It is always a treat to walk down the street and enjoy listening to the local musicians. This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer.

Make sure to take a lot of pictures in Grand Central Station. It is a beautiful place with all of its grand structures and incredible sculptures.

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