A Tour of Turkey is a Wonderful Experience in History and Culture

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  • Published June 7, 2011
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Turkey is an amazing place to visit and offers a lot of different options for different tastes. This country has an intriguing culture that is a mixture of East and West. Turkey also has a great history and there are plenty of ancient places that are great to experience.

The famous Constantinople is now known as Istanbul. This great place was formerly the imperial capital of many Empires including the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin. For centuries Constantinople was the richest and largest urban center in the Mediterranean.

Istanbul is a mysterious and enticing city that has something to offer for everyone. There are many ancient sites to visit such as the Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace and the Blue Mosque. You can also enjoy an excursion to the Princes´ Islands or take a local cruise.

The Grand Bazaar is a shopper´s heaven and interesting place to visit. Almost a town in and of itself, this historic market has thousands of shops and cafes. You can enjoy a Turkish coffee as you relax to the enchanting Turkish music.

The famous site of Mount Agri is another great place to visit. This peak is a symbol of Turkey and is the tallest peak in the country. According to the book of Genesis, Noah´s ark came to rest at this site.

Mount Agri is a snow capped dormant volcano. This peak was formerly known as Mount Ararat during the time of the bible. This symbolic place offers beautiful scenery as well as activities like skiing, climbing and mountaineering.

In central Turkey you will find the wonderful city of Cappadocia. This beautiful place consists of sculpted volcanic stones that have been shaped by wind and rain through the years. In ancient times, the residents of Cappadocia made their homes and structures inside these stones.

Although Turkey is not a mainstream tourist destination, I believe it is a hidden gem. A tour of Turkey will allow you to experience the amazing energy of its sacred sites. The beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, and mysterious culture all make Turkey a great place to visit.

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