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  • Published June 12, 2011
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In the world of website development services, there is a complete misconception about two of the Internet’s most vital SEO management processes. People often claim that blogs are more popular than forums, and that they are more important. Others claim that forums are more reliable for consumer interaction. But the fact lies that this war between blog development services and forum development services is quite a folly. Both are vital aspects of SEO and SEM management. Both are social media avenues to e-branding, and both avenues are quite successful paths to better website management.

By discussing some of the more integral aspects of both blogs and forums, you can easily grasp how they individually work and contribute to your website management plan.

#1 Blog Development Services –

Professional blogs are maintained by a company as a constant marketing presence to the consumers. Product updates, industry news, current events, and in fact any topic can be used to back link to your website. They have a threefold approach to help boost your web presence:

Back links – Back links to your webpage from third party sources are recognized by search engines as more reputable sites. One of the more important ranking factors is the number of back links present for a site. To the engine, this translates as more reputable and more reliable brands.

Regular Updates – With the arrival of PHP language and Real Time updates, websites are all more dynamic. The more blog posts arrive daily, the better the system of web analytics and search engine bots will relate to your websites. Dormant sites not worked on, upgraded, or visited in over 3 months are sent to farther pages down till they are eventually banned.

Subtle Product Awareness – Product awareness is a vital part of e-branding and online marketing. If people aren’t discussing and understanding your products and services, the marketing isn’t quite successful. Blogs create awareness by regularly and subtly keeping the topic visible to readers without direct enforcing or overt marketing.

#2 Forum Development Services

Forums are another platform of social interaction for a brand, but more direct. The idea of forums is to indulge a topic in Q & A form to keep it alive and regular. The consumers are free to ask questions and take information from a company by communication over a uniform open platform. The vital fundamental ways the forums help in your SEO plan are:

Enquiry – Blogs rarely provide a platform of enquiry for your products and services. Your company needs a common platform for the public to ask about your products. Forums do just that – a platform for enquiry about your brand, company, products, and services.

Surveys – Taking polls and opinions is one of the basic business fundamentals. To do business, you must research the market well. Only with a regularly maintained forum can your company gather a regular free source of public opinion.

Regular Opinions – The magic of forums are by a continual source of opinion generation. If the public feel something about your company, it’s out for everyone to know. And in some instances, no publicity is bad publicity (if you have a good marketing and PR team backing you up!).

Website development services have long considered this needless argument between forum development services vs. blog development services. As you can see it now, they are two very distinct paths to the same objective – better business growth.

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