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  • Published June 15, 2011
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Considering a new home purchase in the near future? Perhaps you have finally found yourself an "empty nester", or maybe your family is continuing to expand. Either way, you are facing the possibility of purchasing a home, either larger or smaller than where you are now, and need to sell first. With the housing market crawling at a snail’s pace, it doesn’t seem like the ideal time to be selling homes .

If you don’t want to sell for less, you might have to play the part of the reluctant landlord and rent out your old home, at least temporarily. The good news is there are solid people out there, waiting in line to rent your home. You could choose to hang on to it, and become a landlord, at least temporarily. However, if your home sits vacant for a while, will you be able to make two mortgage payments? "Now is the ideal time to consider investing in tax lien certificates," states Saen Higgins, President of Wealth Without Risk.

"Many people who invest in tax lien certificates do so because the interest paid back is so high, and we think it’s truly the safest place to spend your investment dollars. But I teach my students how to purchase these certificates and end up with the house. "

Higgins adds, "Begin by looking on-line for tax lien sales in the county where you’d like to live. You never know, you just may end up owning your dream home for pennies on the dollar."

If you’d like more information on investing in tax lien certificates or tax lien deeds, please visit . Saen conducts workshops and training seminars all over the world. Reserve a seat at his next workshop by calling 1-800-882-0467 or you can talk to Saen with your questions.Let Saen and his personally trained staff help you on your road to success . It’s like having Saen at your side throughout your path to financial freedom. You’ll be making an investment in your own future. Find us on Facebook at Saen Higgins’ Fan Page.

Saen Higgins is the worlds leading authority on investing in tax lien certificates. He is the only expert speaking and training on tax liens today that actually continues to invest in tax lien certificates himself. A self-made multi-millionaire, Saen has inspired audiences around the globe with his wealth building strategies.

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