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  • Author Larry Abraham
  • Published June 17, 2011
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If you think of who would be considered the most widely known author of serious lottery playing systems, most would immediately say Ken Silver. Even though he has been doing this for many years, his methods and ideas are still used successfully today.

Ken Silver released his system in 1991 after working on it for over 2 years. His "My Silver Lotto System" became a lottery best seller and is still setting records today.

Over 2000 newsletters and blog posts by Ken Silver have been read and studied by millions. Attesting to his powers of giving the people what they want are the hundreds of testimonials that he has received from his satisfied customers. That is a simple and easy to understand way to increase their chances of winning the lottery.

Several other books on lottery playing have been written by Ken Silver. "My Lotto-80 Predictive Play System" is one. Silver Lotto PRO System ? The list continues with "My PowerSpread System". Tips that most of us have never thought of is a highlight of "My Lotto Syndicate". While he has written many books on lottery playing, each offers a unique method in terms of games and strategy. An example is "My PowerSpread System" which is centered on playing the lottery in the US and Australia.

A "Custom Profile" site by Ken Silver is available for those that sometimes are not able to take the time that should in choosing winning numbers. By putting the information into his "Silver Lotto System", Ken Silver will save you time that you might not have.

There are several other eBooks written by Ken on other subjects. One of these is the million seller "eBook Secrets" that gives his methods of successfully authoring and selling your own eBooks.

The reason Masterluck is so excited about the systems of Ken Silver is they are directed toward the average player. Being straight forward, his tips and methods are easy to understand. That does not mean a more advanced player cannot learn from his systems. Beginner and advance players will both benefit if they follow Ken's recommendations.

Ken is a great motivator. You may not believe it but he truly wants you to win. That people want to be active is the cornerstone of his philosophy. You feel better about yourself when you are active.

A feeling of being active extends to lottery playing. When you buy a lottery ticket, how do actually feel? The chance of winning gets you excited. Your dreams seem closer to actually happening. Your feelings about life excites you.

It is very uplifting to think about playing the lottery this way. With a sense of anticipation, you look forward to the next drawing. You feel like you will win and even if you don’t, you know you are using one of the best systems available and your time will come. That reason leads to the excitement about playing the next time. Jut because you lost, there is no sense of despair. Because they are not using the systems available to them, people continue to lose and feel bad about it.

Masterluck highly recommends the systems of Ken Silver for these reasons and many more. The most simple of these reasons is that the systems have shown to be effective. You could be the next success story of Ken Silver by purchasing his system today.

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