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  • Author Jackson Wrenchly
  • Published June 23, 2011
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Scotland's location has been an important player in its social, economic and cultural development. I thought I'd introduce you to some of the things that make Scotland so intriguing as a global destination.

So what makes Scotland such a unique place? There is not just one part of Scotland that makes Scotland what it is today, the parts we all know and love at least. Scotland is a slow cooker which has developed over many centuries. Scotland has a really choppy history, the countries people, the range and sheer diversity of art and the culture and the countless other events turned feature which have created Scotland - a country, a nation with a deep, deep history and promising future.

Depending upon your preference you are probably looking have a short break in the city which you can use as a stepping stone out in to the countryside, mountains and numerous beautiful lakes around the country.

Scotland has a strategically location situated on the far outer of the continent Europe and is surrounded three quarters by sea which like the majority of the United Kingdom means it is subject to much variation of weather conditions both wet and rainy and warm and temperate.

In history, Scotland was always written as a popular place to visit especially amongst those looking for a romantic break (I suppose the same can be said today for those visiting the country). Scotland has a beautiful natural environment both unspoiled and some untrammelled. It's possible to have long walks and bump in to relatively few tourists (in areas like the mountains).

Scotland has a good reputation for exceptional quality cuisine and tasty local treats, though I personally not so keen on some of the local produces many of my friends and family couldn't live without them, I still eat them as a matter of tradition, in much the same way I would drink a pint of Guinness when I am in Dublin, Ireland.

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow are cities I have visited and have a fantastic transportation network providing affordable travel throughout. Accommodation varies in style and obviously price.

If you are looking to go further than the cities (which, let's face it you probably are) there are coach and rail trips which explore the entirety of the outdoors. Try and get those tickets in advanced though because they are generally cheaper (in my experience).

Edinburgh and Glasgow both offer fantastic city tours where you hop on a bus and explore the cities fantastic sites. Otherwise you could look at taking a cycle tour by renting a bike or even walking, walking or cycling allows you to cut straight to the attractions you actually want to see and skip those which will be of limited interest.

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