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The Japanese word Kaizen, a popular philosophy, is broken down into two characters -- "kai" for "change" and "zen" for "good." As the word indicates, Kaizen focuses on a process of change for that better. The western business world adopted Kaizen philosophy in the 1980s, impressed by the success of the Japanese economy. Before approaching Kaizen marketing, it's important to understand the basics from the philosophy and how it applies to the business world in general.

Kaizen Philosophy

Kaizen philosophy emphasizes the balance between continuity and improvement, promoting stability alongside innovation. Ten Step, Inc., provides a more in depth interpretation of the word: "gradual, orderly and continuous improvement with minimal investment." Kaizen targets maintenance of the current status, but encourages innovation via a process of small, steady and constant steps.

Kaizen in Business

Businesses apply Kaizen guidelines to some big-picture operation. Under Kaizen beliefs, businesses make an effort to improve work output by improving the environment and the simple processes of the business. Kaizen increases productivity via minimization of down time and improvement of production aids such as fixtures and tools, as well as improvement in service and customer relations. Advocates of Kaizen business strategies think that 50 % of a manager's time should be spent making improvements.

Kaizen in Marketing

Kaizen marketing, like other regions of business following the Kaizen philosophy, depends on recognizing and eliminating waste while constantly improving marketing strategies. As a minimalist philosophy, Kaizen marketing is efficient, relying on the quality of marketing and it is effectiveness instead of its quantity. Kaizen encourages a team effort, so that all areas of the marketing effort should work together whatever the medium they concentrate on. While keeping a continuing, steady and proven marketing system, Kaizen marketers constantly seek and implement new marketing methods.

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In the Kaizen philosophy, marketers approach problems via methodical data gathering and analysis techniques. To collect data, Kaizen marketers often use focus groups, surveys, interviews and secondary research, for example information from journals, books, newspapers and also the Internet. Common Kaizen analysis techniques include fishbone diagrams, control charts and affinity diagrams. Sometimes, "Kaizen events" arise. This term simply indicates an accelerated application of typically methodical Kaizen techniques, focusing on a specific area or event since it stands at a moment, instead of tracking areas or events over time.

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