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  • Published June 30, 2011
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Anderson Toney has been involved in direct contact customer relations and service for many years and has provided training services for the senior managers of large corporations. Anderson has built several successful businesses already and has a wide experience of life, business and finance. Her business interests have included real estate, management training and professional personal improvement services.

Heartland Payment Systems is a payment technology company with multidisciplinary payments processing an annual throughput of 30 trillion dollars. They are major leaders in the advanced technologies of electronics payment processing, E3, Payroll Services, Merchant Credit Cards, HealthCare Eligibility,Restaurant POS terminals, Check Management, Gift Card Marketing, Online Payments, MicroPayments, Lending Services. Heartland are also suppliers of all types of hardware and software for both online & offline payment systems. Anderson now operates as Relationship Manager for Heartland Payment Systems and has already impressed new clients with her informed and innovative approach to handling their needs.

With an outlook that focuses on progress and advancement, Anderson pays particular attention to making a success of her clients business. In her new role as a Relationship Manager, she has a lot to offer those lucky enough to take advantage of the products she offers through the Heartland Payment Systems Company located on the Upper East Side in New York City.

With a wide experience of retail from employers such as Saks on 5th Avenue and a number of other well-known department stores in roles such as Brand, District or Store manager, Anderson Toney understands the mechanisms used in branding and building businesses both on and offline. This luxury retail experience, combined with her training and motivation, allows Anderson to offer her clients the opportunity to partner with a business associate who can bring so much more to the table than mere account management.

Anderson Toney wants to help businesses develop, help them grow, offer opportunities for streamlining and improvements in ways that they may have never considered. Call Anderson Toney now and discuss further how she can help you choose the best Payment Systems and how she can provide performance benefits for your business too! Alternatively you can contact Anderson Toney at 917-534-6542 email: Anderson.Toney@e-hps.com or through the contact page at www.heartlandpaymentsystems.com/andersontoney.

Phone NUmber: 917.842.6675

Emails add : Anderson.Toney@e-hps.com

New York City, New York


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