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  • Published July 1, 2011
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With so many daily deals websites on the internet today, why does JustDeals.com offer the best online deals? With over 15 years of experience buying and selling in the Consumer Electronics marketplace, JustDeals.com has the ability to track down and find the very best electronics deals. JustDeals.com buys in large quantities, which allows them to pass along the savings to their customers, so that each of their daily electronic deals is an extraordinary savings. In comparison, other daily deals websites just do not have the buying power to extend to you, the consumer, the best electronic deals. Most simply offer coupons or are limited to a small commercial area. Below is a comparison between JustDeals.com and Groupon.com to demonstrate how JustDeals.com offers the best online deals on the internet.


Groupon negotiates discounts with popular businesses. These deals are available for a limited time, with a countdown clock slowly running down on the website. You cannot purchase the item from the website; however, you can print out the voucher and present it to the store to purchase your item.

JustDeals.com prices are usually 40-70% lower than the lowest legitimate web prices, making their daily electronic deals substantially lower than the prices you would find in a store. The daily deals at JustDeals.com change after 24 hours and are offered in limited stock, so you must be decisive and ready to deal. Since JustDeals.com wants to offer these incredible savings to as many people as possible, customers are only able to purchase one item for each deal. You purchase the item directly from JustDeals.com, saving you from having to look for the retail location.


Groupon is set up to show you deals for specific areas. You must put in your location before proceeding and then deals for your general area will be available to view. Unless you live near one of their listed locations, you will not be able to benefit from their deals.

JustDeals.com is a national website. You can benefit from the best electronic deals no matter where you live. Since you are purchasing the items directly from JustDeals.com, you can order any time or anywhere.

User Friendly Website

Groupon requires you to select a location and submit your email address before you can visit their deal pages. Once on their main page, you can then change location, to try to find a closer city, or see all the deals available.

JustDeals.com does not require any information for you to browse through the daily deal or the past deals to find something you want. Once you have selected an item you would like to purchase, you can then sign in and follow the easy-to-use shopping cart feature.


Groupon started in 2008 and has slowly expanded to more cities and more deals. They have a Chicago headquarters, a growing office in Palo Alto, CA, and account executives based in local markets across North America, as well as regional offices in Europe, Latin America, Asia and throughout the world.

JustDeals.com began over 15 years ago, and has quickly expanded to reach not only the entire country but countries around the world. As JustDeals.com offers the specific items themselves, their deals are available to everyone and the site is rapidly becoming the favorite online deal website for millions.

Whether you prefer to print out vouchers or purchase the item you want with the click of a button makes all the difference when looking for the best online daily deal website. Check out all that JustDeals.com has to offer and decide for yourself.

Steven Apple, General Manager of JustDeals.com, has worked in strategic business development, conceiving and executing marketing strategies for small and Fortune 500 companies for over two decades. Mr. Apple has implemented successful marketing solutions for the world's most respected media companies including the Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. Justdeals.com is a daily deal of the day web site with some exclusive deals that nobody else can offer.

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Jerardo De Leon
Jerardo De Leon · 8 years ago
Order #120055 has not be sent to me. It has over three weeks and three emails and one voice mail and still not hear from Justdeal. No response or nothing. I wonder if Steven Apple knows how his company is doing to us customers.

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