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  • Published July 10, 2011
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If you’re a writer then there is a good chance that you have had to wrestle with writer’s block more than once in your career.

It is natural. You end up with no idea of what to write because your brain has stalled in the process. The details of what you want to share in your article, book or blog stop the process of growth even if you have a general idea about where you want to go with the subject at hand.

No matter if your are writing a paper, article or blog they creative process remains the same. Sometimes you just have no idea what to blog about.

If you are trying to blog for money then you can definitely run into some problems.

How do I find relevant interesting topics that will engage my readers and cause them to return frequently for new information?

Well the topics vary according to you. For example, you have written a book and want to promote it via blogging. Your blogs can contain snippets of the book to interest others. They read the snippets and then are curious about how the story turns out and they buy your book. Cha-Ching!

Money in your pocket just from blogging, and you cannot forget that if they like the book they will recommend your blog to other people.

A sample of ideas from which to build your blogs include but are not limited to.

-- Twitter, Facebook or other social networking platforms

-- Economics and the financial condition of the world

-- Creationism verse atheism with your own special slant

-- A favorite topic that you are well informed about

-- A topic of interest that you would like to grow your knowledge within

What you choose to write about is completely up to you but there are some things to keep in mind.

Informative content delivered in an informal method generally makes the best material for a blog. But beware of making it too informal.

You want to stay informative yet add a personal touch. Unless you are promoting cook books, diet materials or other food related information it is probably not a good idea to write about what you ate for breakfast on your blog.

Building a following of loyal readers is quite possible when you provide solid informative easy to read content that people will appreciate. That is what blogging is meant for.

You do not want to post an erroneous fact that isn’t for certain but you can post tips, hints and suggestions for readers to follow. It is important that people begin to trust that you actually know what you are writing about because it will lead to greater revenue potential for you and your blog.

Time and effort are required for a blog to be successful. Building links from other Websites is certainly one way of increasing the amount of traffic flow from those sources as well as from the search engines. Devoting that amount of time to building blogs on a daily basis is something that many people have trouble scheduling within their lives.

Fortunately an answer as arrived.

A quick visit to Blog BluePrint may be the perfect solution to how to make a blog power. My use of Blog BluePrint has dramatically cut my own workload requirements. Blog Blueprint will help you boost your blog rankings (and traffic) immensely with their blogging tips.

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