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  • Author Karen Thompson
  • Published July 13, 2011
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If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, there are numerous accommodation options you can consider ranging from the hotels to all-inclusive resorts to exclusive Jamaica villas that are guaranteed to give you value for money and give you all the privacy, space and comfort you need in the bargain.

What are Jamaica villas?

There were people who came to the island for vacations and did not want to stay in the impersonal environs of a hotel. What they were looking for was something that was more special, more exclusive and more relaxing, or in other words, more of a home. So came the concept of vacation villas and on this beautiful island, they came to be known as Jamaica villas. Renting them out to vacationers was the next logical step. So Jamaica villas are actually your home away from home during the period of your stay on this island.

These villas are then private homes owned either by individuals or companies who rent them out to travelers when they themselves are not staying here. These villas have property managers who look after the site and the guests. The services of a housekeeping staff is usually included in the package but the size of the staff varies from villa to villa. For example, the smaller villas will usually have a maid to take of the necessities such as cleaning and laundry and a chef to prepare you traditional Jamaican meals three times a day.

The larger villas will also include services of gardener, bartender, and a driver to take you around some of Jamaica's most sought out attractions such as Ocho Rios, Bob Marley's birthplace and the greatest beaches on the island. Then there are rentals that include the services of a butler, who is actually a modern day concierge who not only looks after the property, but also serves the guests drinks and meals, and coordinates with outside companies to link guests with off-site vacation activities.

What are the costs of these villas?

As a thumb rule, these villas prove to be cheaper than most hotels and apartments in all-inclusive resorts offering the same level of comfort and services. With this said, the costs vary from season to season and also on the size of the property in question. Let us first take the season. Rates will generally be high during the high season, so it is always advisable to book in advance not just to ensure that you get the villa of your choice but also a better rate. During the low season, you can take advantage of special packages and offers. There are many great villas in Jamaica. To review a large collection of villas, you can consider the Silver Sands villas and cottages that are known for providing high-quality services at the most cost-effective rates. For example, consider the Beach Haven villa, a three bedroom villa in Silver Sands, which costs around $1000 to $1200 during the low season for a 7 day stay and $1200 to $1600 during the high season and for the same period. Browse through other sites and check out their rates and chances are you could not find a greater bargain.

Karen Thompson is an authority on Jamaica villas. She writes for Mysilversands, a company dedicated to providing quality Jamaica accommodation in villas, cottages, and apartments by the sea. Karen lived at Silver Sands villas for many years

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