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If you planning to come to India, let me acquaint you with a few interesting facts about India .India is a land of diverse culture. Here people belonging to different religions following different cultures live in harmony with each other. It is a land of contrasts ranging from The Great Himalayas in the North , dry deserts in the west, sparkling sea shores in the south and majestic valleys in the East. There is a colourful array of fairs and festivals enhancing the beauty of Indian Cultures.Some festivals are celebrated on a national levels like Holi, diwali, rakshabandhan,Independence Day,Republic Day,Gandhi Jayanti etc while some are confined only to regional boundaries like Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra, Janamashtmi in Vrindavan,Nagaur festival in Rajasthan. Diversity in culture and geographies reflects in cuisines.Every region has their own range of specialities. Indian food is world famous its ethnic flavours and spicy taste .

Although every region has its own language but what binds India on a common platform is the national language "Hindi". India owns a rich cultural heritage as some of the world’s best artists were born here. India is unique is its own way and if you have not visited India even once in your life time, there is something on the planet that you have really missed. India has 12 international airports across the country i.e – Amritsar, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore, Guwahati, Cochin, Thiruvananathapuram, Ahemdabad. So you might just take a flight to any of these places depending upon the region you prefer to visit. If you decide covering the Northern Region of India, booking a flight to the Capital City New Delhi will be the most probable and convenient option for you. If you wish to visit the South you can book a flight to either Hyderabad, Chennai or Cochin. Guwahati is best option for visiting Eastern region of India. Or if you unsure about which places to visit in india and you

wish to decide only after landing here. You can undoubtedly book a flight to the national heartthrob city-Mumbai. India is huge and covering all the destinations in one trip would be just too hectic. So the best suggestion would be to cover India on the basis of regions may be north or south as per your liking. Also, that there are ‘n ‘ number of tourist spots which would be difficult for anyone to explore so it is always advisable to hire a local guide to avoid landing up in any mess.

Now your major concern would be to book cheap flights to India. Well you can avail cheap flights to India if you book your flight on weekdays rather on weekends. Also find out that there is no major festival or event that is being celebrated in India. In such scenarios, you may land up spending more on the flight tickets but if you going to attend that particular event or festival, then its altogether a different case. Before finalizing your ticket, you must compare the prices of all the flights and finally book the flight that provides best services at cheaper rates.

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